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    Default Ideas for a perfumery/olfaction workshop

    I've been asked by a company to come in to deliver a half-day workshop based on perfumery/olfaction/odours, etc. as a method of team-building among staff. Does anyone on this forum have any experience doing something like this? In particular it would be great to get some ideas for group activities involving smells. There will be about 8 participants. I would bring my collection of about 100 essential oils and aroma molecules (all in practical dilutions) and the various vials and disposable droppers, scale, funnels, smell strips, etc. necessary to create custom accords and fragrances. I also have odourless shampoo bases and other things to create some functional products during the workshop. I've done what I call "perfume busking" at local craft fairs and this is how the idea emerged.

    If you have held "perfume parties" or anything like that, I'd love to hear your experiences and especially stories of what worked and what did not work in those situations. I will summarize responses and also report back after I do the workshop in the Fall.

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    Default Re: Ideas for a perfumery/olfaction workshop

    I have not done this (I'm a total beginner) but there's a wonderful description of olfaction workshops in Alyssa Harad's Coming to my Senses. Her description is detailed enough that I think you could get some ideas. I just loaned my book to a friend, so I'm afraid I can't give you page numbers.

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