Hello hello BN┤rs...

New in here and I┤m an "espa˝ol" dude so be kind with my english.

As said above, got a question about l┤instant EDT.

Don┤t like the scent... little too much "macho men" statement for my taste.

My question... there┤s a note that produces me a headache and I absolutetly hate, don┤t know why.

My description of that specific note, or notes, is: like an old, very old chinese restaurant (not foodish) smell.

Kind of an ancient chinese museum with a bit of incense

To me it┤s not anise, cause there┤s a strong anise in Ungaro Intense, wich I also have, and it┤s not the same smell I hate.

If it happened to be a kind of incense, what type is it? Cause there are lot of incense scents.

Thanks for any info and happy to be here.