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    Default 05:40 PM in Madagascar.

    What an interesting fragrance just like many Kenzo offerings are. I does not work on my skin but the juice smells unique, vanilla, amber and some floral warm notes. I am not really into vanilla but so far, from all vanilla fragrances, it tops my chart. If you are looking for something exotic this one suits the purpose. I have never been in Madagascar but if smells anything like 05:40 must be a great place. Very warm vanilla/honey/floral fragrance that does not last very long but while it does very unique.
    I think this is something that I will be mixing with Davidoff Adventure
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    Default Re: 05:40 PM in Madagascar.

    i wonder how the time is set - it is not round hour... is there anything specific happening on the island then?... to be seasoned with vanilla and amber... how original is that...
    ahh, got it. 5:40 is the time work force goes off work worldwide.... surely it is the same in madagascar.

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