Hi Guys,

I've just signed up to get some information and help with a bottle I've just received. I've not really been able to find out much about it, but I'm sure you guys are the best people to ask!!

It is a bottle of purfume by Paris based Mancera, issued in Saudi Arabi to celebrate the Spirit Of The Union - National Day, of what very very little information I can find this was back at the end of 2011.

There aren't any details on the bottle or box of the size, but after putting it next to some of my bottles I believe it's 100ml.


The box is really well made, and had a hidden magnet around the rim to hold it shut nice and tight.

I really don't know much about it, male or female (I think it's a female fragrance). I've seen that in the UK Mancera seems only to be available in Selfridges and it isn't a cheap fragrance.

Any information someone can give me would be great!