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    Default Can anyone help me Identify my tastes?

    After reading a fair amount in the FAQ about identifying tastes, such as Aquatic or Oriental, to give yourself a good base to find new frags you might enjoy, It has me realising, i have no idea what common theme pervades my collection?

    I am fairly new to this.

    Some of the favourites, and some thought that i can remember on those that i have tried are (in rough order)-

    M7 fresh (favourite for about 5-6 years, I had 2 bottles pre bottle change, and 2 bottles post. the post one doesn't seem as dark/strong in the base, and has too much of that top note (grapefruit?), but even so, the reformulation still wins my heart, and once dried down, the woodsy smell is comforting)
    Rive Gauche pour Homme Intense (and original RGPH, Intense just happens to be what i bought last time)
    Opium Pour Homme
    Armani Code
    Joop! Jump
    Givinchey Very irresistable for men
    Cool water
    D&G Pour Homme
    Kenneth Cole Black
    Body Kouros

    Yes, I know, A YSL whore. But they all earnt their place through testing and wearing, not becaue of the label.

    I found Davidoff Silver Shadow bland and boring, I find Many aquatics fairly bland.
    I like Dirty english's Leathery note in the drydown, But the rest of the scent seems pale in comparison
    Gucci Envy for men is too much one note for me, as is Gucci Pour Homme (shame, I like these in small doses)
    Love Coco, but don't have the confidence in my masculinity to try wearing it (have a decant just to sniff tho)
    Platinum egoist - too busy and watery to my nose.
    I have a new version UDV for men as a gift, Its nice enough to daily wear, but seems too floral without enough ooompf in the base.
    I feel the same about L'eau D'issey Pour Homme, but it's been years since i sniffed it.

    I have coming in a care package of decants/samples to try (that i have never sniffed before. Kind of a blind sampler pack based on what sounds interesting on here) -
    Bvlgardi Black
    Creed GIT
    Bvgardi Aqva
    Quorum by Antonio Puig
    Michael Kors By Michael Kors.
    Eau Savage

    So what else would the veterans nudge me towards (in Australia, it's a little harder to try Niche's, so Designer would be a good starting point)? Is there a fragrance group my tastes fall into?

    Also, I would love to find the smell of a fresh packet of Cigarettes being opened in a wearable frag. I lost my father a year ago, and that smell really makes me feel like he's still around (chronic smoker), plus i've always enjoyed the smell.

    Thanks B.Noters

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    Default Re: Can anyone help me Identify my tastes?

    For the tobbacco Pure Havane and The One are gorgeous, specially Pure Havane.
    You seem to like orientals, fougeres, aromatics, gourmands.
    Try Antaeus, Santos, Kouros, Polo Green, Kenzo Jungle, Arpege Pour Homme, Xerius Rouge, Pasha, Declaration, Roadster, Eau de Bavx, Bleu de Chanel, L'Instant, Obsession, Au Masculin, L"Eau Par Kenzo Indigo.

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    Default Re: Can anyone help me Identify my tastes?

    These frags do not seem to fall all in one style, so it's hard to find a common thread. As most people, you like a variety of scents in different categories. Just to toss one idea, you could try Chanel Egoiste (the plain Egoiste, not the platinum version you've smelled); it is very rich and sandalwoody; as well as Chanel Antaeus, darker and spicy.

    As for cigarettes, nothing comes to mind about the smell of an unsmoked cigarette, which is somewhat dry and woody. Usually, the tobacco note in perfumes is sweet and plump, more like just cured tobacco leaf. For cigarette smoke, hard to beat Jasmin et Cigarettes by Etat Libre d'Orange, which is exactly what it says, cigarette flowers with a touch of jasmine. Unfortunately, it is niche, so hard to find.

    Finally, if you like Coco, I do not see any problems with wearing it. It's a nice rich oriental, not one of the modern pink fruity florals most girls wear now. Nobody will probably realize it's marketed to women.


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    Default Re: Can anyone help me Identify my tastes?

    I've been all around the block with tobacco frags and lately I've been drawn to Black Walnut more than the others.

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    Default Re: Can anyone help me Identify my tastes?

    IMO your tastes based on the fragrances you mention seem to be quite varied.

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    Default Re: Can anyone help me Identify my tastes?

    The common theme I see is a lack of fresh citrus and watery notes. You seem to like darker fragrances. I think you should try some Dior fragrances, namely Fahrenheit and Dior Homme.

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    Default Re: Can anyone help me Identify my tastes?

    As for cigarettes or tobacco such as Virginia... most are 'sauced', so do smell sweetish and aromatic. Try to get a sample or a decant of Caron Tabac Blond! It's been commented in that way many times when I wore it.
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