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Thread: Al Rehab Frags?

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    Default Al Rehab Frags?

    I just read about this house today. I'm looking to order the Silver and Aseel sprays.
    Any reviews or recommendations?

    How are these for winter wear for a young (20-25) professional and student?

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    Default Re: Al Rehab Frags?

    Silver is excellent and perfect for a young professional, but it's more of a spring/summer frag. I haven't tried Aseel.

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    Default Re: Al Rehab Frags?

    I recommend you to look at this thread:
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    Default Re: Al Rehab Frags?

    Silver is a really nice frag. Similar to Creeds Silver Mountain Water & just as good. Some think even better for the price. I adore the house of Al Rehab.
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    Default Re: Al Rehab Frags?

    i bought choco musk but it doesnt project. Moment i wore it, complement from the missus, didnt think she could smell it. Is very nice but you have to smell 1 inch from your wrist after a hour.

    check out Surrati black oudh, Amazeballs! they have 2 tom fords. Let me just say, buy these if you want to smell of tom ford.

    They get the notes better than this SMW oil.

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