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    Default Arabian Wood always reminded me of something......

    I don't generally go in for "this reminds me of that" sort of posts because everything is that way to some extent. However, ever since I smelled it--I even noted it on my basenotes review--I felt that Arabian Wood smelled exactly like some great smelling classic French feminine scent and I finally figured it out. It smells remarkably like Ungaro's beautiful 1983 classic, Diva. I am wearing both right now and it is uncanny how much alike they smell. Of course, Tom Fords are all like that (Italian Cypress=Z-14, for example). The notes below show a surprising overlap of ingredients. The funny thing is that I always think of Diva as being a totally feminine and womanlike scent, whereas I feel that AW is more unisex (although feminine leaning) and something I have actually worn. Anyone else notice the similarity?

    Topnotes: mandarin, aldehydes, coriander, rosewood, tuberose,
    Heartnotes: cardamom, rose, jasmine, narcissus, carnation, ylang ylang, patchouli
    Basenotes: sandalwood, oakmoss, honey, vetiver, civet, musk and labdanum.
    Topnotes: Lavender, Bulgarian rose, freesia, orange blossom galbanum, bergamot.
    Heartnotes: ylang ylang, rose absolute, jasmine, gardenia, honey, orris.
    Basenotes: Patchouli, cedarwood, oak moss, sandalwood, honey, tonka bean, amber

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    Default Re: Arabian Wood always reminded me of something......

    Interesting. I had never smelled Diva and was curious, so glad to know they are similar.

    Arab wood, to my nose at least, is indeed a rich woody floral, with nothing Arabian in sight, but rather recalling the Western traditional deep florals of a few decades ago.


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    Default Re: Arabian Wood always reminded me of something......

    Tom Ford Arabian Wood,

    1st off its a really good fragrance, I own a flacon of it still... When I first smelled this fragrance I enjoyed the notes. BUT once I wore about 100ml of it I dont care for it like I once did. I usually pair it with Tom Ford Oud Wood because it balance out all the floral notes of Arabian Wood.

    Also if you own real agarwood oil/oud oil and wore it with Arabian Oud it smells amazing.

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    Default Re: Arabian Wood always reminded me of something......

    I actually have smelled vintage Diva.

    I get no relation to Arabian Wood at all.

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    Default Re: Arabian Wood always reminded me of something......

    Hmm...I don't sense the connection either.
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    Default Re: Arabian Wood always reminded me of something......

    I've gotta say, I don't pick up much similarity at all between those two.
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