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Thread: hermes equipage

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    Default hermes equipage

    a) is it a leather?
    b) how has it held up in terms of reformulations?

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    Default Re: hermes equipage

    I haven't tried the vintage but the current formulation is very good
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    Quote Originally Posted by hedonist222 View Post
    I haven't tried the vintage but the current formulation is very good

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    Default Re: hermes equipage

    Only have the original and it's a real good one. I like what's out there now too.

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    Default Re: hermes equipage

    a) Yes, I believe it is leather but a subtle leather with spice.... carnation leads the way. A definite recommendation for those that appreciate old school masculines.
    b) I only know the old.
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    Default Re: hermes equipage

    The vintage one smells much more like a rosy scent to me. I get no leather.

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    Default Re: hermes equipage

    belami is more leather, equipage is more fougere-fresh with just a hint blond tabacco.
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    Default Re: hermes equipage

    My reading of Equipage is that it is a tobacco-driven composition with a fougere-y character. Both the vintage and the current are just perfect.

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    I only have the current formulation, so I can't speak from experience about the old; but I've heard it holds up very well.

    But, no. There is absolutely no leather in Equipage. After the golden, aldehydic top-notes, it is a 'burnt tobacco pipe' impression. Avant garde in its way, for this is not literal but very cleverly impressionistic. I am certain that those who discern leather in it are mislead by their imaginations trying to make sense of the name.

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