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    Default M7 Fresh Alternatives

    I had the chance to sample M7 fresh a few days ago, and I liked it a lot. I bought a 100ml bottle, and am now enjoying it. However, it's been discontinued, and I'm not likely to stock up on it, since there are other fragrances I want to buy at the moment. Is there any other fragrance out there which can be a close alternative to M7 fresh? Otherwise I might consider buying another bottle of this. Thanks a lot as always.

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    Default Re: M7 Fresh Alternatives

    I have a bottle of this and personally don't know a good alternative. If you have the chance to get another, I would.

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    Default Re: M7 Fresh Alternatives

    1 spray of M7 original.

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    Default Re: M7 Fresh Alternatives

    I haven't come across anything similar.

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    Default Re: M7 Fresh Alternatives

    Not that similar, but Lalique's Hommage a l'Homme is a very nice variation of M7's citrus-forward oud/agar-wood theme.
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    Default Re: M7 Fresh Alternatives

    Citrus Paradisi by Czech & Speake is similar , yet different.
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    Default Re: M7 Fresh Alternatives

    I'd try layering it with a citrus-y perfume? I owned the M7 Fresh, miss it so much. Gonna try and find a bottle again, but in the mean time I'm gonna try and layer it with something like... Acqua di Parma or Hermes Concentree d'Orange Verte.

    Off topic but I'd really like to see an M7 (and M7 Fresh, though it might be a little too much) with a hint of something floral.

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    Default Re: M7 Fresh Alternatives

    Yeah, there is really not much other than using the original M7 lightly and adding a mandarin/grapefruit scent over the top of it. That or I just rub myself with fruity pebbles and oud chips. :-)
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    Default Re: M7 Fresh Alternatives

    I don't know of anything else that smells quite like M7 Fresh. I personally don't think going light with regular M7 will match the scent.

    It doesn't smell very similar, but if you want a citurs-centric Oud, you should try Aoud 1. It is expensive, and not easy to find, but it is a MUCH better take on citrus/oud IMO. Other than that, you should probably find yourself a bottle of M7 Fresh before they are gone. Or until it gets re-released in a few years!
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    Default Re: M7 Fresh Alternatives

    Im no expert but the thought that the M7 sprayed lightly would be comparable to M7 Fresh can be thrown out. It was a flanker but from the getgo, as soon as you spray the perfume you're treated to quite a lot of citrus, which is completely absent from the original M7. Though I would see why people would think it's one of those ridiculous flankers that should've never been made... because of the "Fresh" suffix, which does indeed give the impression of marketing mumbo jumbo.

    But yeah, you'd probably have to add something to the original M7. And Aoud 1 sounds interesting, might have to take out a mortgage though hehe.

    Living in Holland, I try to stay clear of anything remotely niche or vintage. Because that would be a mission impossible sequel haha.

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    I might be creating a monster, but I' want something with a citrus-y opening, and a middle and dry down with some dark, dirty (and a lil sweet) floral and oud. Kinda like a M7 Fresh combined with a Tom Ford Black Orchid. I'm almost afraid to say I'm gonna try it haha, hope I live to tell the tale. :-P
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    Default Re: M7 Fresh Alternatives

    Try the new Eau de Cartier: Essence de Bois. Reminds me very strongly of M7 Fresh, albeit a lighter version. Lasts reasonably well. I had a few samples of this. It shouldn't be too pricey.

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    Default Re: M7 Fresh Alternatives

    Citrus Paradisi? No way imo.

    The only thing that resembles that citrus and amber ime is Annick Goutal's Les Nuits d'Hadrien.

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    Default Re: M7 Fresh Alternatives

    How about eau de Guelain being similar to M7 fresh. De Cartier I heard is very floral and feminine?
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    Default Re: M7 Fresh Alternatives

    Agree that not much else is like M7 Fresh. I have a small bottle and will eventually run out, as I love it for Spring/Summer wear. I'd love to find some kind of replacement as well; see below.

    If you like the citrus + Oud combination, recommend you try Oud Immortel by Byredo. Criminally underrated and fits that general category, combing fresh and Oud accords in an interesting way.

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    Default Re: M7 Fresh Alternatives

    While not identical, and while it has a hefty price tag, Kilian's Musk Oud does share similarities with M7 Fresh. The oud and musk is in both, but in Musk Oud, clean florals replace most of the citrus, and there's more musk. It's also heavier with more projection than the YSL - but go easy on the sprays and you'll do fine.

    If you're OK with something heavier, more floral, and with a higher price tag (then again, M7 Fresh fetches stratospheric price tags anyway), give this one a try.
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