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    Default One small step into the unknown

    I am thrilled to find this site after days of searching for information on essential oils and perfumery. I am a pharmacist in the U.S. and just discovered the discussion abouth the school in Thailand for perfumery which will now be taught in England. My selfish and ambitious question is since both Thailand and England are a bit far from Georgia U.S.A, any chance of training in the US, ? Could initially be online and develp to an actual course somewhere. If I could help with that, I'd give it a shot. Could someone mentor me on how to get properly started on this path I really want to learn. Years back we did compounding in school for medications, techniques not ever used much and probably forgotten - BUT I'M WILLING TO REINVENT MYSELF AND LEARN, can anyone help me?
    Basically I'm doing a paradigm shift to embrace the left side of my brain I've taken for granted and cannot ignore any more.


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    Default Re: One small step into the unknown

    Welcome, Lucien. You may wish to check out this site:

    People on the DIY board of Basenotes may have more ideas for you:

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