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    Default Looking for a warm fragrance!

    Hey guys!
    Seeing as I started getting into fragrance in the spring, most of my purchases so far have been spring/summer type scents, fresh and citrusy.

    Now, as fall approaches, I'm looking for something a little warmer. I'm a fan of colognes that are a little gourmand-ish without being straight up gourmands - like L'Instant or Dior Homme for example. Anything sweeter than Dior Homme is too sweet for me.

    I'm looking for something comforting, a little sweet, in the same "category" as LIDG and DH. I'm somewhat curious about tobacco in frags, too.

    I want something that lasts but not necessarily a projection beast. I work around people and can't have something that's going to be too loud or offensive.

    What are your thoughts?
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    Default Re: Looking for a warm fragrance!

    Hermessence Ambre narguile, perhaps? It's sweet, but deep and warm and wonderfully luxurious.
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    Default Re: Looking for a warm fragrance!

    i would suggest Ambre 114.....Ambre narguile is fantastic, but i think Ambre 114 is a little more "softer." On me it acts as more of a soft cloud around me instead of a sharp projection

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    Default Re: Looking for a warm fragrance!

    Get a sample of Ambre Russe or Wazamba both by Parfum D'Empire

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    Default Re: Looking for a warm fragrance!


    Cuir Beluga by Guerlain - Upon application, one is treated to an entrancing melange. Sweet, orangey mandarin, along with its lovely, soft, floral hints, commingles with an everlasting flower, which proffers its syrupy, herbaceous, hay-like sweetness. And, magical aldehydes lift the captivating blend, adding an effervescence to the citrus and luster to the floral, as well as a soft, vanillin undercurrent. A burnt-sugar phantom can be sensed. Transitioning to the heart, heliotrope shrouds the opening with its cherry-vanilla and faintly almond aroma and powdery aspect. A luxurious and sensual, Spanish-leather illusion, reminiscent of the spice, citrus and floral components used in its tanning process, serves as a light underpinning for the delicate heliotrope. Segueing to the warm base, a sweet, almost creamy and floury vanilla, an aroma somewhat akin to vanilla custard combining with a pastry delicacy, interplays with a balsamic and warm amber. The sumptuous leather is still in the background. And, an impressive drydown ensues. This select and demurely elegant composition is a cool-weather, unisex scent, with average projection and good longevity, 8-10 hours.

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    Default Re: Looking for a warm fragrance!

    Royal Rose Oud by Micallef

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    Default Re: Looking for a warm fragrance!

    The Dreamer, if you go easy on the trigger. A great floral tobacco. And if you don't mind the price tag, Creed's Original Santal might fit the bill.

    I'm also a big fan of Ambre 114, mentioned above. It has a vanilla blast for an opening, but quickly settles into a pleasant amber with a slightly medicinal vibe. I'll also be wearing 1828 by the same company a lot this fall.

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    Default Re: Looking for a warm fragrance!

    The One, Eau de Bavx, Baldessarini Ambre.
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    Default Re: Looking for a warm fragrance!

    We seem to have simmilar tastes, Izzie.

    Something that might have everything you've asked for is Mandarina Duck Pure Black. It's a great cool weather scent; the opening is dusty citrus, bergamot and warm spice. As it dries down vanilla, tonka, tobacco and woods take the stage; the tonka keeps the sweet vanilla from being cloying and the woods give it come body. Throughout it has a wonderful, dry warmth. You can get it for a pretty fair price too, but occasionally it's marked up to the point of insanity (I once saw a 50ml bottle for $120, but I paid $35 for my 100ml bottles) I think the spice, vanilla and citrus makes this a little gourmandy but the dryness keeps it from seeming truly edible or overly sweet.

    Joop! Homme is another. It's got to be one of the warmest designer fragrances I've come across. The opening can be hard to stomach though. It's a hot, syrupy, artificial mess for about twenty cloying minutes, but the drydown is pure vanilla with dusty spices, and very warm. I recommend half a spray under clothes or it will project too much, it's a serious powerhouse.

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    Default Re: Looking for a warm fragrance!

    pure havane!!!!! a lil sweet with tobacco!

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    Default Re: Looking for a warm fragrance!

    Pure malt or try out angel men

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