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    Red face Old scent discontinued- I need a new one :(

    Hi! So quite frankly, my nose is horrible and I tend to get headaches when I wear real perfume.

    However, I have this amazing body lotion that "contains Indian basil extract, Lotus extract, and sandalwood oil". I don't know what any of that means, except that it smells wonderful and doesn't give me a headache.

    It's just an Avon scent, but it's been discontinued for awhile now and I'm really not up to finding an alternative on my own. I'm hoping that you lovely people may be able to help me?

    Any suggestions are very appreciated

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    Default Re: Old scent discontinued- I need a new one :(


    Hard to imagine what a scent could smell like from the notes. Besides, it's always unclear what could give a headache. Sometimes it's the alcohol, sometimes a particular material.

    Aveda is supposed to use simple and natural materials, so who knows, perhaps they'll do? If you have an Aveda store nearby, you could smell and check:
    For instance, number 2 is described as sandalwood orange and geranium. Number 4 is sandalwood, mandarin and palmarosa. They might approximate.

    If the headache problem is with alcohol in perfumes, then all body lotions should work. Several regular perfumes do have associated body lotions, though they are usually not available for testing. One that I always see on the counter at Macy's is Clinique Aromatics Elixir, which is quite durable. But they may let you try others if you ask at the counters (eg Estee Lauder etc)


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