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    Default Small steps with essential oils in lotion

    Early reading indicates the nose is a key tool for a perfumer, so I have acquired some essential oils. I would like to start by creating a scented hand lotion, which embraces the top,modifying and base notes. Women appear to really enjoy citrus and lavendar (very volatile) and then the modifier and base stumps me. Can the same approach to perfumes be applied to lotions? Another concern is knowing proper quantities to add ? The perfume primer by The Italian Stallion suggests a 3:2:1 ratio of drops citing the base dominates and the top notes are volatile. I want to eliminate as much as possible inducing allergic reactions ( which in a initial swing at a product caused an immediate reaction in a test customer). Another question which may sound really dumb other than trial and error is the fragrance a peefumer creates truly an art more than science (making me ralize the incredible value of keeping notes for formulations).

    So I have;
    a fragrance free lotion
    shea butter
    jojoba oil
    ***how much is a sensible amount per 3:2:1 drops of oils
    Is there information on agreeable combinations of base-modifiers and top notes?

    So if I do :Lavendar 2 drops, Lemon 1 drop then 2 drops of Ylang and 1 drop of cedarwood per ????amount of carrier oil
    and what amount of lotion ????
    (I'm going to mix this this afternoon and see what happens by the way)

    Suggestions for this beginning scented lotion


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    Default Re: Small steps with essential oils in lotion

    Just a suggestion - might get more meaningful insight from experienced people if posted in this forum:

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    Default Re: Small steps with essential oils in lotion

    thanks just trying to find my way

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    Default Re: Small steps with essential oils in lotion

    Hednic is right you should move to DIY.

    However I can answer some of your questions here. There is no difference in the construction of a fragrance designed to be put on skin whether it be in alcohol or hand lotion. The only difference would be a solubility issue, as some materials aren't soluble in alcohol whilst others would't go up in lotion. Looking at the bases you have, it may not be possible to put the same fragrance in all bases; experiment.

    How you decide how much top, middle or base note materials you use depends on how you want your fragrance to perform. Do you want it to last a very long time? Then use a lot of materials that hang around (i.e. Base notes). Do you want a splash cologne effect? Use a lot of top notes. Once again, experiment to see how your creation performs.

    The dosage of perfume in lotion is generally between 0.5 and 1.0% by weight. That is between 0.5 and 1.0 gms in 100.0 gms of base.

    Always keep notes, and a record of every trial, even the failures.

    And now the bad news. You mention an allergen free fragrance. Sorry, if you use Essential Oils this is not possible. Pretty well all Essential Oils contain at least one of the 26 allergens, usually Limonene, although others will be found.

    I won't go into the question of whether perfumery is an art or a science; that's for others to decide.

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    Default Re: Small steps with essential oils in lotion

    Hi Lucien,

    I just want to say that, in my opinion, the actual making and preparation of your scented products is a science; the end result is art.

    Thats my view anyway.

    Welcome to BN

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    Default Re: Small steps with essential oils in lotion

    doing this how is the projection?

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    Default Re: Small steps with essential oils in lotion

    For a first step I must say pretty exciting.I made
    about an 18gram ointment composed of predominantly
    Fragrance Free ointment supplemented with components
    To increase moisturization but not greasiness. I then added
    My top, middle and base notes. I let it sit almost 24 hrs in
    A closed small .container. I put some on initially the top notes
    Jumped out for about 15 min leaving a more subtle mid-base.
    They aren't as obvious which I'll play with.
    Hand doesn't feel or smell bad-pleasant outcome.
    I can't wait to see where I'm at in a month.
    I appreciate all the feedback from everyone.

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