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    Default small steps using essential oils in lotion

    It was suggested I might get a more serious response posting in this forum- I'm new but nonetheless give it to me straight..I'm trying to learn.

    Early reading indicates the nose is a key tool for a perfumer, so I have acquired some essential oils. I would like to start by creating a scented hand lotion, which embraces the top,modifying and base notes. Women appear to really enjoy citrus and lavendar (very volatile) and then the modifier and base stumps me. Can the same approach to perfumes be applied to lotions? Another concern is knowing proper quantities to add ? The perfume primer by The Italian Stallion suggests a 3:2:1 ratio of drops citing the base dominates and the top notes are volatile. I want to eliminate as much as possible inducing allergic reactions ( which in a initial swing at a product caused an immediate reaction in a test customer). Another question which may sound really dumb other than trial and error is the fragrance a peefumer creates truly an art more than science (making me ralize the incredible value of keeping notes for formulations).

    So I have;
    a fragrance free lotion**
    shea butter
    jojoba oil
    **should I use this(**) or do I need to use emulsyfying wax and glycerin ?
    ***how much is a sensible amount per 3:2:1 drops of oils
    Is there information on agreeable combinations of base-modifiers and top notes?
    Will the fragrance be delivered in a lotion like a perfume? Will the base ultimately be the anchor scent?

    So if I do :Lavendar 2 drops, Lemon 1 drop then 2 drops of Ylang and 1 drop of cedarwood per ????amount of carrier oil
    and what amount of lotion ????
    (I'm going to mix this this afternoon and see what happens by the way)

    Suggestions for this beginning scented lotion
    Comments, criticism ,wisdom??


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    Default Re: small steps using essential oils in lotion

    Before I realised you had moved here (and even though I suggested that you do) I posted a reply on the original forum.

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    Default Re: small steps using essential oils in lotion

    Hi Lucien and welcome to DIY land!

    I may be duplicating David's contribution here (or indeed contradicting it) because I've not seen wherever else it was you posted this but:

    My first recommendation is that if you have a fragrance free lotion designed for adding fragrance to (as distinct from those sold retail as fragrance free, which are usually fragranced already . . .) then don't add jojoba or shea butter or anything else to it except the scent you want to incorporate. Lotions are carefully balanced things and it's easy to end up with it splitting if you start messing with the formula before you know what you are about, so keep it simple to start with.

    Use no more than 1% fragrance (by weight) to 99% lotion to begin with. If it's too weak you could push that up to 2% or 3% but I would not add more.

    For the scent itself the 3:2:1 ratio isn't a hard rule anyway, but in any case won't work in the same way in a lotion where the lotion itself is acting as a fixative. If you want something light, fresh and citrusy, try something like this:

    Lime oil (distilled) 2
    Lemon oil (distilled) 8
    Bergamot (FCF) 20
    Petitgrain oil 8
    Geranium oil 5
    Olibanum (frankincense) oil 5
    Vanilla absolute (at 10% in dpg) 2

    The numbers are proportions - you can make it up in any amount that suits you - I would be doing this by weight, but doing it by drops or ml would still work out pretty close. The scent ingredients are listed, more-or-less in order of substantivity from least to most.

    The reason I've specified distilled lemon and lime (and FCF bergamot) is to avoid photosensitivity problems. I've also assumed that you don't have any aroma chemicals at this point.

    Hope that helps
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