Long time lurker, first time poster, but I'm hoping the expertise and knowledge on this forum can offer some advice

I started wearing Gucci Pour Homme a few years back, whilst on a gap year and travelling across Europe by motorbike, and it's masculine, peppery notes coupled with a day's riding and the smell of leather worked wonderfully. It became the familiar best friend and despite changing scenery, great new experiences and more than a few mishaps, the smell was always there when throwing on the buff to tuck beneath the helmet and setting off again.

I'm now back in Germany, and after scouring every high street store I can come across, I can only find GPH II, which doesn't hold the same magic. There are bottles on Ebay Germany for 100+, but I'd rather buy from a reputable store as this has such an important connection, as well as out of principle - it's never good to feed the scalpers.

If you could point me towards where to find some from a reputable store, without paying a profiteer, I'd be most entirely grateful - any suggestions are welcome!