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    Default Creed After Shave Balms

    Would anyone who has tried Creed after shave balm in any of the available fragrances please comment on their experience. I would hope that for $85 for 75ml the cream is fairly concentrated, but not so thick as to be difficult to be applied evenly and be absorbed. Specifically, I am considering Aventus, but would appreciate comments regarding any of the fragrances...does the balm's fragrance closely match the corresponding juice, and how is longevity?

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    You'd probably get more responses if you posted this at the Male Fragrance forum, because this is really a face-fragrance question, rather than a face-moisturising question.

    Personally though, I'd find a nice fragrance neutral/free balm that you are happy with, pour some in my hand, put three sprays of the Creed scent into it, mix it with my finger, and apply to face. Heaps cheaper than buying matching balms.

    The problem with scented balms is that some do go off, and if paying that sort of money you'd want to know they're fresh and possibly keep them in the fridge after purchase, unless you use them quickly within three or four years.

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    Default Re: Creed After Shave Balms

    Only just seen this. I have the Aventus after shave balm and it is extremely close to the real thing. Yes, it is concentrated - my sister mentioned how intensely I "stink" of that "thing that I usually wear".....

    I get an intense "cooling effect" from this right after I put it on. Don't know if it contains menthol or similar. But it leaves the skin moisturised and supple/soft. I've seen better things out there though.

    I very rarely use mine but if it's Aventus you want to smell of, then you can't go wrong with this!

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    Default Re: Creed After Shave Balms

    Thanks, RUM, for your response. I decided to give it a try, purchasing a tube from an eBay seller about 6 weeks ago. My feelings are very similar to yours. I'm not sure it's price-worthy, although it's a fine product and layers nicely when I wear the juice.

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    Good one, re the purchase!! Hope it serves you well

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