I am thrilled to have a vintage bottle of this in both EDP, and EDT. i decided to try the EDT today, and using my BN knowledge, thought i'd try to detect some notes. This will be the first time, i have approached the application of fragrance in this way, and was quite anxious about it.

I am so delighted, that i can report, i got green notes, violet, amber and sandalwood, the green notes immediately. Closely followed by the violet, and within five minutes, i was getting amber and sandalwood. Upon checking the note listing, I found them there. I thought i was dreadful at detecting notes, but i have obviously misjudged myself, and also my fellow Basenoters, who have been educating me slowly over the past year. You have taught me more than i thought i knew, via the blind sniffer threads, and review sections. Various other threads deserve partial credits too, but i am very grateful to have such a wealth of knowledge at my disposal, to greedily consume, or nibble at occasionally. Lately i've been having a veritable feast, as evidenced by my increased contributions.

Anyway, i was so excited to have guessed 4 correct notes, i had to come and share it with you. I will go back to my sniffing, and write a review later.

Thank you so much for all the knowledge you have so patiently imparted.