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    Default Re: Body Kouros = The Dreamer???

    OK, my take on BK is....burning marshmallow. Yes. Take a big marshmallow, put it on a fork. Turn a burner on the stove, and steek the marshmallow een de fire. Blow out dee fire. Before you eat marshmallow, smell eet. ==> Body Kouros. (OK now, I got a BIG sample from someone here on BN, and I wore it with success. I like the scent, but it smells like....well you read that already.)

    Versace's Dreamer is a sweet vanilla pipe tobacco with a very mild spice to it and a big fat dollup of Iris right in the middle of all the notes.

    They're both sweet but different. As different as an apricot and a wad of cotton candy. Just my $0.02

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    Default Re: Body Kouros = The Dreamer???

    Include me among those who don't get the comparison.

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