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    Default New house Laggridore launces four powder-based perfumes

    New house Laggridore is launching four powder-based solid perfumes.

    The scent collection is based on the four seasons: green floral spicy scent for spring, floral fruity oriental fragrance for summer, autumn is a woody, spicy oriental and winter is a chypre, floral oriental.

    From their website: The culmination of a 5-year research, Laggridore’s invention is the micro-encapsulation of a fragrance whilst still an essential oil, before it is moulded into a cosmetic compact powder, as gentle on the skin as it is respectful of nature. The result is a record concentration, following the incorporation of 31% perfume essences without the slightest drop of alcohol.

    The packaging looks really nice, but it doesn't come cheap: A compact costs 85 Euro.

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    Default Re: New house Laggridore launces four powder-based perfumes

    It all looks exquisite - not that I'm a fusspot for "omgz projection beast & longevity 40 hours!" but I do wonder how a powder fragrance would survive and throw. AND not sure how I'd feel about a little compact powder amongst my lovely bottles
    Still, will look forward to hearing more

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