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    I have purchased benzoin absolute... and being new... was surprised at it arriving in a solid "rock like" state. So... what do I do with it....? To play around I've dissolved it in alcohol at a ratio of 10/1.

    Secondly... is benzoin considered to be a safe for use?

    Thank you!
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    Good news, you probably got the pure natural material. Most benzoin absolute / benzoin resinoid is sold as 'benzoin pourable', which is a solution of the absolute/resinoid in DPG, DEP or an alike solvent, usualy at 50%. This 'benzoin pourable' is also sold as Benzoin essential oil, but it is of course not an EO!

    More good news: though it probably contains a few allergens it is one of the least problematic natural fragrance materials around.

    I like it very much, use it a lot when I want a soft balsamic aspect.

    In case it was not 100% soluble in alcohol at 10% it was probably the crude resin, not a big problem, simply filter and use the tincture.

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    Thank you for your reply. This makes me very happy as the scent of the dilution I've made is quite lovely. It seems to have completely dissolved.
    I'm looking forward to playing with it now!

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    Default Re: Benzoin Question

    can you descirbe a scent for the rest of us who dont know much how much it smells of vanila? nothing? and where can i smell it best wich perfume?

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    From my own impressions: Benzoin is sweet caramel, warm, woody, sugary. Still very nice after several hours becoming like warm pancakes with maple syrup. Even a day later a trace is still there on the smell strip, nice but slight dirty laundry. Sweet, though. This was a sample from Hermitage Oils and came in a larger open mouthed jar so you could get at the very dense resin. Place the jar in hot water for a while, and then the benzoin resin becomes liquid and easier to handle. A 10% solution in ethanol is a good dilution.

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    Good description!

    There is some more useful information in the Styrax / Storax thread in the notepad section. I was going to refer you to the one on Benzoin but having had a look it has some rubbish in it suggesting that benzoin is in fact benzaldehyde which it certainly isn't.

    I have now added something more useful to the Benzoin thread to clarify . . .
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