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    Default Please help me to date vintage Opium EDT & Parfum

    1. About the EDT concentration:
    I'm interested in 4 versions of vintage Opium EDT. Which one is the oldest (and mostly authentic of course) ?

    1st bottle:

    This bottle as well as its box looks raspberry red instead of brick red like other.
    Also the top & bottom strips on the box are black.
    Is it authentic?

    2nd bottle:

    The bottle is in brick red.
    The top & bottom strip on the box are blue.

    3rd bottle:

    The bottle is in brick red.
    The top & bottom strip on the box are black.

    4th bottle:

    This bottle looks similar to Secret de Parfum version in 1993. Thus I guess it may be in 199x. Is this correct?
    Furthermore, is there anyway to tell if the bottle is vintage just from the box? Maybe from the bamboo leaves printed on the box?

    2. About the Parfum concentration:
    Is there anyway to tell if the Parfum version is vintage or current?
    Both bottles have the shape like bottle 1st - 4th.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Default Re: Please help me to date vintage Opium EDT & Parfum

    You should wait for responses from members who know Opium better than I do, but I believe that for the EDT, the taller bottle is older than any of the shorter, square shaped bottles.

    I do believe that vintage parfum may have come in the square shaped bottle. Other posters may have insight into how to identify a vintage version.

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    Default Re: Please help me to date vintage Opium EDT & Parfum

    I cannot tell you from looking at the pictures, but the ones I have, which are parfum and from the mid 80s, are very much like the ones in the first three pictures, but have a black silk cord and tassel, which is threaded through the cap. Have you tried asking YSL perfume division? Since you have the boxes, they might be able to date them. I once emailed Wedwood about an antique plate and got a response with the exact date, designer and history. I realise that it's not the same thing, but it's worth a try.
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    Default Re: Please help me to date vintage Opium EDT & Parfum

    I could use some help with a similar issue as the OP.

    I recently bought of vintage Opium off eBay. It's 2.3 fl. oz Eau de Toilette. Upon opening, it smelled totally rancid and sour, but it eventually turned into the old Opium that I remember as a child. It specifically smells like my memory of the super-intense 70s version (which was stronger than my current vintage bottle that I bought in the 1990s). Obviously, the bright opening notes must have evaporated to leave just hard-core concentrated middle to base notes.

    My question is about the bottle because I've seen nothing like it online, on Google images (except once where there was no explanation), and certainly not in any of the Opium packaging threads here. You can see the photos in the eBay listing here:

    What is really confusing me is that the box says "Made in the U.S.A.," as does a sticker on the bottom of the bottle. So, it's not just distributed in the US but supposedly made in the US too! None of that usual "Made in France" stuff. The back of the box says: "Contains: SD Alcohol 40+". It's very strong stuff and a faint trace of it on my cheek has left almost a subtle, faint, burning feeling (as if from the eugenol?).

    I'm convinced it has to be real due to the authenticity of the smell, but have any of you ever seen something like this?

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    Default Re: Please help me to date vintage Opium EDT & Parfum

    Ooops. Sorry for the accidental double-post. I was having browser problems and also, this was my very first post here, so the system didn't think my account was actually activated yet. My apologies.
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