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    Default What is this "Resinous Accord" that I have received?

    Recently, I went on an essential oil buying splurge at, and because I reached a minimum spending plateau, they awarded me with a two ounce bottle of something called "Resinous Accord." It has an extremely faint aroma--I'd nearly say it's odorless--which isn't in the least unpleasant; it's somewhat thick (albeit quite mobile) and very dark, and otherwise impossible to describe.
    I have been under the impression that a resin is, well, a resin, and an accord is a mixture of scents that, when combined, create an entirely new scent that works out harmoniously with regard to all components within it. I don't understand how the two could even be combined in this matter...I can hardly begin to conceive of what such a combination might be.
    Perhaps this could be a liquid used as a base or fixative for an accord, or some other "assistant" in creating one's own scents? Or is it really a scent in its own right? The latter just doesn't sit rightly with me, but I can't find any place online that explains to me what this 'resinous accord' might be, probably as a result of the terms in the name being such general words.
    Thanks to anyone who can help!

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    Default Re: What is this "Resinous Accord" that I have received?

    My guess is what you have is a suspension of several ingrediants within an odourless base oil, possibly even mineral oil, whose combined scents create a resinous accord. Perhaps place some in a burner? A number of such suspensions, and even some essential oils have a very tame scent out of the bottle yet come alive when used in a burner.

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    Default Re: What is this "Resinous Accord" that I have received?

    Interesting! I'll give that a try, thanks.

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