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    Default Paul Kiler Zaffran ...anybody try it ?

    Just back from a very pleasant vist to my local Neiman Marcus marked with a welcome measure of serendipity. I went to test some items from MFK: LPH , APLS and APLM . One was quite nice (LPH), one was certainly interesting (APLS) and one was not in stock (APLM), ah well maybe next time. However, the star of the show at NM was a sample of Zaffran, a perfume created by the name of Paul Kiler. Fair to say one of the finest leather scents I have had the good fortune to try. Really that good. Strong masculine leather for sure with what seems like vetiver, incense and woods. Anybody else with experience of Zaffran?

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    Default Re: Paul Kiler Zaffran ...anybody try it ?

    Not too many people have tried my scents yet, I've had a limited exposure prior to a couple of weeks ago, due to my mother's passing, and it wasn't until my website was ready to sell with.

    But you can now poke around and read about my work now...

    Thanks for asking...
    Paul Kiler
    PK Perfumes
    Gold Medal for "Best Aroma"; Los Angeles Artisan Fragrance Salon

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    Default Re: Paul Kiler Zaffran ...anybody try it ?

    Well may I say your website looks absolutely cracking, and your fragrances sound very interesting.

    I just ordered a sample set Looking forward to it.

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    Default Re: Paul Kiler Zaffran ...anybody try it ?

    Thanks for your compliments Tim, I started my line in September after studying for seven years.

    Please anyone stop by and chat with me if you are planning to attend the San Francisco Artisan Fragrance Salon event on March 24th. I love meeting other perfume/fragrance aficionados.

    I hope that the Australian post treats your package well, and doesn't cause you any trouble so that you can indeed enjoy your samples :-)
    Paul Kiler
    PK Perfumes
    Gold Medal for "Best Aroma"; Los Angeles Artisan Fragrance Salon

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