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    Default Re: Histoires De Parfums Edition Rare Veni, Vidi, Vici: The New Trio.

    From a product sell through perspective, the names and identities of these three is a nightmare. The names sound alike, are easy to confuse, and have mixed references in their stated meanings. At least with the Historie Parfums scent library you can put an identity with a figure in history that roughly translates to the intention of the fragrance. These three fume names will be confused often in the mind of the consumer and many will walk away in frustration - which is what has happened to this thread too and so my post was needed. These fragrances are hard to get a grasp on. What are they supposed to smell like? They are very subtle blends to begin with and the names don't help define them much. I think it is interesting that the Ceasar quote "I came, I saw, I conquered" "Veni, Vidi, Vici" is somehow related to the primal elements of: EARTH = Vini, Wind = Vidi, and Fire = Vici?? I don't really understand the connection, but I will go with it for the sake of artistic story telling or whatever. What about Water? What about Ether? Maybe these are yet to come. I think we can resolve these elemental explanations of the names as "marketing BS" - somebody probably said this might make an interesting story to use the catchy phrase veni, vidi, vici and layer this over earth, wind and fire, but I still don't get it. Also, from a marketing perspective the lack of logical connection with these terms will make it a very difficult story/explanation for consumers to remember which perfume is which and it will be difficult to differentiate identities of these fragrances. If this selling problem happens as I suspect, then the naming snafu here will doom these HDP's to poor sales at retail level - my marketing past is showing here. I hope they sell well - I like the scents, but am having a hard time remembering which is which. Having aired my complaint about these names and the poor choice due to inability to individualize them into memorable brand identity - I do like the fragrances!

    Veni - The Earth Being earthy this fragrance is built around lavender as a primary jumping off point and it stays throughout. The spices, incense notes, gourmet sweetness and woods definitely come through in this but beginning to end the lavender is noticeable. Notes are: Absolu cardamom, cinnamom, galbanum, lavender, carnation, saffron, guaiac wood, vanilla, toffee, patchouli oil, musk, ambergris, oak moss. Veni smells kind of traditional - barbershop maybe, but the blending with saffron and the other stuff gives it lots of complexity in its gentleness. I would compare Veni to Invasion Barbare but it is more complex and not quite as subdued or dark in its overall scent show as IB.

    Vidi - The Wind The elevating notes you see often in incense fragrances are present here along with an oceanic note too. The listed notes are: Cardamom, ozone effects, plastic rose, cyclamen, water effects, saffron, immortal absolu, musk, ambergris, vanilla, white wood. Cardamom and saffron always leaves a tart pure scent that adds a middle eastern touch. The ozone and water effects? are noticeable as this scent appears to be soaring above the waters swept away by the wind. This is a very airy but also very warm oceanic scent.

    Vici - The Fire Cardamom is common to each of these three fragrances, but it is in Vici/Fire that cardamom makes the boldest statement. Opened by pepper at first, and cooled down with celery seed, iris, and lavender this fragrance has a brusk scent profile when it opens. However, the second act of this scent is very soft, mild and sueded in feel. Osmanthus (smells like peaches), vanilla, raspberry all add a softness that I find very appealing. I really don't see how this fragrance translates to Fire, but I like the way it smells. The notes listed are: Angelical roots, cardamom, pink peppercorns, basil, galbanum, aldehyde, rustic lavender effects, céleri graine, iris concrete, osmanthus absolu, essence incense, patchouli oil, musk, vanilla, cedar, raspberry.

    I like all three of these fragrances from a perspective of how they smell. I am having a difficult time understanding the identity of them. I don't know why that is important to me but there is confusion here. The traditional lavender aspects of Veni are very refreshing for a complicated scent, and the soft naturalness of Vici is also very rewarding.

    Overall I like this trio better than most of the HdP perfumes line up but I am partial to complicated and soft naturalness in fragrance and these deliver in this category. not sure if I should acquire one, or two or none.
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    Default Re: Histoires De Parfums Edition Rare Veni, Vidi, Vici: The New Trio.

    +1 for Veni (spicy lavender) & Vici (spicy fruity cardamom); didn't quite like Vidi - although I got Cardamom in all 3, not prominent (except for Vici), but in the background (or was it b'coz i used it in cooking a day back???). Sad though that all 3 have weak longevity on my dry skin. If I buy a bottle, it'll be Vici.

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    Default Re: Histoires De Parfums Edition Rare Veni, Vidi, Vici: The New Trio.

    Thanks for your detailed impressions, Buzzlepuff.

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    Default Re: Histoires De Parfums Edition Rare Veni, Vidi, Vici: The New Trio.

    Great job, Buzzlepuff. I agree with your argument - the similar sounding names make product differentiation much more challenging. Perhaps they are better off marketed as a trio set.

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    Default Re: Histoires De Parfums Edition Rare Veni, Vidi, Vici: The New Trio.

    Anyone else find Vidi similar to Odeur 71?

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    Default Re: Histoires De Parfums Edition Rare Veni, Vidi, Vici: The New Trio.

    At the moment, surrender to chance has a special on samples of these three.
    “When you step back from stressing the parts,
    when the mind becomes still, the rose comes to you,
    unfolds in you in all her glory.
    The perfume invades you completely.
    The rose is you. You are one.”

    Jean Klein

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    Default Re: Histoires De Parfums Edition Rare Veni, Vidi, Vici: The New Trio.

    So yeah...didn't like Vidi.

    That is all.

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    Default Re: Histoires De Parfums Edition Rare Veni, Vidi, Vici: The New Trio.

    Thanks for the info.

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