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    Unhappy Gaultier reformulation :'( ?

    This is one of my favourite ever fragrances. I ran out of 120ml bottles so I was really pleased to find it @ for £35! When they arrived the juice is much paler (I have an older small bottle to compare) and no longer are the details etched onto the base of the bottle. \now it's a sticker. I'm assuming this is real, even the magnets match up so I doubt its fake

    I'm now on hyper vigilant trying to spot the differences. Too early to tell detailed differences but the juice is quite a bit paler and so far it appears to be lacking the originals depth, certainly it's a close call so far. Will update as I wear!

    I thought it was being discontinued.

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    Default Re: Gaultier reformulation :'( ?

    You mean Gaultier2, right? It's been gone from American shelves since 2008 (and was a sales disaster here - one of my friends at the time worked for BPI USA and witnessed it), so I don't think most of us on this side of the pond will experience this reformulation.

    Le Male, on the other hand...
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    Default Re: Gaultier reformulation :'( ?

    I enjoy this one although haven't worn it for quite while. Remember it as being very sweet.
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    Default Re: Gaultier reformulation :'( ?

    It is indeed very sweet - I love the massage oil, I wear it layered under Timbuktu to great effect - smells great together and always garners compliments.

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    Default Re: Gaultier reformulation :'( ?

    It was very sweet! I have a side by side comparison now. The juice has been reformulated to smell more like a cross between original G2 and the valentines Lt. Ed. Eau d'amour. It's still nice but it's a ghost of what it used to be. I've emailed JPG. We shall see if I get a response.

    Anyone selling/swapping. I would prefer a swap so I'll post in fragrances wanted.

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    Default Re: Gaultier reformulation :'( ?

    Yup Gaultier to the power of 2. It was being withdrawn as I used to work for the distributer I got to know this but it seems instead of that they reformulated the original to make it MUCH lighter in presence and colour of the juice.

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