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    Default Perceived changes in scent

    One thing I have noticed with some of my complex niche frags. One day I might wear it, and not be really thrilled with it, and a week later It smells wonderful to me. Obviously the juice isn't changing, so it is my perception. It only happens with a few of my frags...anyone else experience this?
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    Default Re: Perceived changes in scent

    Temperature and other variables can affect how things evaporate. If the skin is very warm, notes will come out with more intensity, and you'll pick up also notes that would be subdued in colder temperatures. I have a few frags (mostly edc or light edt) that really bloom only if I go to the gym or the like. The dark, animalic, ambery note don't come out when it's colder.


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    Default Re: Perceived changes in scent

    I have only expereinced this a few times and it does leave you scratching your head thinking "has the scent changed or is it me". I think Cacio's explanation makes sense.

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    Default Re: Perceived changes in scent

    I usually wear frags under the same conditions, and I find that I get different perceptions from one wearing to the next. It's a "box of chocolates" kind of situation. I would guess that it's related more to the frag I wore the day before than anything else;

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    Default Re: Perceived changes in scent

    It's pretty common for me. I usually take showers at night and when I get up for work I can put snoring on and it lasts all day. Other times when I take a shower then put something on it doesn't last as long. For me after a shower my skin is dry and the fragrance gets soaked up versus sleeping all night and your body's essential oil coming out of the skin. I usually put on some non scented lotion about 15 minutes before spraying to help it stick better.

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    Default Re: Perceived changes in scent

    Personally never experienced this with my scents.

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    Default Re: Perceived changes in scent

    hasnt happen to me yet
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