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Thread: recent downtime

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    Default recent downtime

    I've upgraded to the latest software for security reasons, let me know if anyone is experiencing any problems. thanks


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    Default Re: recent downtime

    Thanks Grant!

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    Default Re: recent downtime

    So far, so good!

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    Default Re: recent downtime

    Cheers, my life was missing something in the downtime lol

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    Default Re: recent downtime

    Many thanks, Grant. My antivirus has been getting it's knickers in a twist over BN in the last week, but everything seems fine now. Your efforts are much appreciated.

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    Default Re: recent downtime

    Cheers, Grant.

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    Guest 3

    Default Re: recent downtime

    Will do. Thank you!

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    Default Re: recent downtime

    Thanks Grant. Your work is always appreciated. Downtime causes the most dreadful withdrawal symptoms... but we must be headed the right way when it's fixed. I noticed the double post thing happening a couple of times since, but not like before.
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    Thanks Grant. It seems BN may have been the source of the email hack then my email being used to send out links to appalling porn sites. This in turn lead to my email account being suspended.

    So firstly apologies to anyone who received this email, please be assured it did not one from me.

    Secondly, thanks to Grant for sorting out this security issue

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    Default Re: recent downtime

    thanks grant!!!!

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