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    Default Re: Best Aftershave (unscented)

    How about Nivea Replenishing ASB (white bottle blue cap)? Easily available, almost no detectable scent and great for the skin :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Upstart View Post
    I found I was getting breakouts using unscented AS's with lots of moisturizers. My skin can get really angry depending on how careful I am with my DE, but this one has become my favorite!

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    Default Re: Best Aftershave (unscented)

    Speick is nice - it smells a bit like lavender FYI, but fades quickly.
    Nivea Sensitive balm is widely available and inexpensive.

    In addition:
    Lucido is a Japanese splash that contains menthol and fades quickly. Good for summer.

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    Default Re: Best Aftershave (unscented)

    Nivea is decent and a bargain at around $5 at target. Not really I scented but fades very fast. I'm a bigger fan of the Proraso sensitive balm. Called Proraso white by some. Has a pleasant spicy scent that lingers longer than Nivea but still fades pretty quick. Both of those are balms as opposed to alcohol based aftershaves. No stinging even after a really bad shave.
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    Default Re: Best Aftershave (unscented)

    Can't stand Nivea...Leaves my face greasy and shiny....

    Speick is fantastic and MOISTURIZES your face....Being in Florida, I need extra moisture because my face is very dry....Another one I have been trying is this one...It's fantastic and has Shea Butter which again adds moisture without making your face greasy...You pay for what you get, I'm afraid....

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    Default Re: Best Aftershave (unscented)

    Kiehl's is the best. I dont use the aftershave though but go straight to the moisturizer...their "Sodium PCA" moisturier is my fav; works great, no scent, and doesn't make your face shiny.

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    Default Re: Best Aftershave (unscented)

    Thayer's rose and aloe alcohol free toner with which hazel, or spray rose water on your face. Then follow with a balm. Gentleman's Refinery unscented is the best balm I have used.

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    Aftershave isn't necessary. Dump your moisturizer over your shave or use a good witch hazel and you're done.

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