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    Default Fujiyama private number & Cadillac coupe: blind buy nightmares

    Hey guys I was reading some threads the other day and there were quite a few questions regarding Fujiyama private number. Well I am here to tell you that I have tried it and it's a nightmare. This is not a safe blind buy at all. I mean some may think $10 for a 3.4 OZ is a steal but for the juice inside it's not worth it. If I could describe it it's another very generic woody citrus that has no projection and decent longevity. When you first spray this you get a whiff of nothing and then as it settles on your skin you get alittle of the citrus and alittle woods and then it goes south from there. Very boring, Very uninspiring. If you have ever smelled CJ black by rue 21 then you have smelled Fujiyama private number the only difference is CJ black smells better at the top but Fujiyama's longevity is a bit better. Another blind buy that is not worth it is Cadillac coupe by GM. This is actually a decent scent for the first few minutes before it settles on your skin and then from then on it just falls apart. I have tried to find info on coupe on the net for note structure and I can not find any but for what my nose could tell it seems like there is nutmeg, maybe some leather,oakmoss, vanilla and maybe amber but not sure and when it dries down there is a musk note that is unrelenting. It sort of reminds me of leather oil they put on car seats to keep it looking new. Like I said Coupe is really not a bad scent in the first few minutes if they could have kept the top notes stronger through the duration of the scent and maybe had less musk and more vanilla or amber in the dry down I may would have kept this. You can get this for 14.99 for a 3.4 OZ but again the price for this juice is not worth it. Also, these are my opinions of these fragrances and I hope I don't offend anyone if you already own these and enjoying them. Fragrances are of one's own interpretation and needs to be experienced on a personal basis but to those who haven't tried them or thinking of blind buying them you can't say i didn't warn ya. Thanks for reading and looking forward to hearing from you guys.

    P.S. Are there any who has tried these two and would like to leave their experiences with them?

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    Default Re: Fujiyama private number & Cadillac coupe: blind buy nightmares

    I've tried only the Cadillac scent and didn't care very much for it.

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    Default Re: Fujiyama private number & Cadillac coupe: blind buy nightmares

    Did a blind buy once. The haul consisted of 5 or 6 different colognes.
    Never used them since I didn't like them. Lesson learned.

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    Default Re: Fujiyama private number & Cadillac coupe: blind buy nightmares

    Cadillac Coupe is one great scent for the money, as it's not "synthetic," it lasts quite a while with good projection, and it's a unique "fresh oriental" that is nearly unisex. Someone said it was similar to Habanita, and after sampling the latest Habanita formulation, I thought he wasn't that far off the mark. No, it's not for newbies who are seeking bland vanllics or fresh/sport scents. It's more like a niche scent, just not quite there in terms of ingredient quality, IMO.

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    Default Re: Fujiyama private number & Cadillac coupe: blind buy nightmares

    Thanks for the info and review of these two Bobster! I've come close to blind buying a couple different Cadillac and Mustang scents at Ross and TJ's...but for whatever reason ended up not pulling the trigger. I think in the back of my mind, I was thinking I already have too many cheapies that I don't wear already
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