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    Default Any effective solvent for Suederal LT?

    I'm trying to make a customized fragrance composition for an air-freshener spray. The composition includes a small percent of Suederal LT. The problem is that Suederal LT is solving quite difficulty in ethanol and isopropanol. Aditionally, Suederal LT hasn't any kind of solubility in water. But I cant' use a 100% of ethanol/isopropanol in the finished air-freshener, so the cost for my customer would be too high.

    Then, I've tried to add water. If I add a few drops of water to the finished air-freshener liquid , then Suederal LT goes inmediatly down to the bottle's bottom, forming small bubbles (it looks like drops of oil in a glass of water, but down in the bottom, instead of up on the surface)

    I'd like to know if is there any effective solvent or surfactant for Suederal LT, that let me to add water to the finished air-freshener spray, in order to reduce the air-freshener costs.

    I'm from Spain, please excuse my difficulties for writing in English. Thank you in advance.
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    Default Re: Any effective solvent for Suederal LT?

    Yup I just wrote a post on this subject. It looks like Suederal is only soluble in alcohol. Did you find a solution to this? I would be interested in hearing about it.

    By the way your Spanish is perfect. It must be all my schooling in Spanish class that let's me read and write in Spanish yet I can easily understand it in my mind . Just kidding you English is great.

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    Default Re: Any effective solvent for Suederal LT?

    Never use water as a solvent in Perfumery; ever, ever, ever. I'm surprised you are finding it difficult to dissolve Suederal in alcohol; what type of alcohol are you using? It may have too much water in it. You could try using DPG or Carbitol to dilute your fragrance and reduce costs.

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    Default Re: Any effective solvent for Suederal LT?

    Suederal is almost a jello. With ethanol it looks like a jello in a water. Ethanol does not dissolve Suederal. In my case addition of Benzyl Benzoate helped.

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