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    Default Help please - experienced noses to make a nasty plague blend

    I'm having an interesting negative effect in my blend is smelling too nice....and I really don't want it to...

    My son is doing a play tomorrow for his drama lesson and needs me to make him an olde London streets blend smelling like it would have done during the plague.

    I have mixed these:-
    al haramain ambergris for the fecal aspects
    civet and civette for the urinous aspect
    red musk blend for the sweeter smell of illness and death,
    cade for the darker street smell,
    birch tar for the home fires and the smoky aspects

    This ought to stink... but it smells like a potent cough sweetie.... not nearly horrid enough.

    I shall start again and just use ambergris for a minute (Al H's stinks like poo) and add the civette with less birch tar and less cade. i was thinking of sweetening it with a tiny drop of tuberose instead of the red deer blend.

    Any suggestions gratefully received. I never thought for one second this would be hard to do.

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    I've put Al H. ambergris with a fake cambodian oudh so far and some civette. It just smells like a slightly stinky jasmine. Almost nice.... bahhhhh

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    I have got the scratch and sniff postcard of the filthy cities and their 18thc tannery smells of birch tar, leather and wood. The Pong de Paris smells like contaminated cologne mixed with toothpaste and the sewage sludge is pretty good but quite lemony. I think the other smell is a chemical I do not know. (Apart from the obvious.)
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    Default Re: Help please - experienced noses to make a nasty plague blend

    Nasty smells I have known (all chemical, I'm afraid). Phenyl Acetic Acid; some people say it smells of honey, some say it smells of pee. Butyric Acid; smells of sick and rancid butter (doesn't last too long though). iso Valeric Acid; smells of sweaty socks. para Menth-8-thiol; cat's pee. Sulfurol; smells of hot milk (which I can't stand). Isofreshal or Maceal; speciality chemicals which smell (to me) of rotten milk. Doubt if you will be able to get any of these by tomorrow though.

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    Default Re: Help please - experienced noses to make a nasty plague blend

    I am no expert, but how is the smell supposed to be diffused?

    I suspect that if rather than creating a blend you just did single notes, it would work best. Many of these notes are horrid in concentration, but blend really nicely in a composition.

    Also, Secretions Magnifiques would have done really nicely to convey the idea of brackish water with decomposing animals. ("it rains cats and dogs" supposedly had some truth to it).


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    Default Re: Help please - experienced noses to make a nasty plague blend

    Thank you for the advice anyway David. I may have to stick with the neat Al H. then.

    @C. I was thinking of giving my son a rag and he could pour it on at the last minute and waft it like a hanky. Then seal it back in the bag to dispose of it. If these get any better/worse, I shall instead be launching it as my debut niche frag.....

    I shall leave these to brew for a while. I am meant to be going out for my birthday meal and I smell of dreadful things...... I will be back later on. I had better wash my hands first... lol.

    I can always mix the thieves blend as well. That would be authentic.
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    Default Re: Help please - experienced noses to make a nasty plague blend

    I have found that just a very tiny bit of coumarin (you could probably use tonka) mixed with civet makes it quite sickly sweet. Like sick.

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    Default Re: Help please - experienced noses to make a nasty plague blend

    Ok, nearly there.

    I've left this to brew for an hour or so:-
    Al H. ambergris @100% 20 drops
    Civette @100% 3 drops
    Fake Cambodian Oudh @100% 4-6 drops (it was gloopy)
    Fake Agarwood oudh @10% 20 drops
    Birch tar @1% 6 drops
    Artemesia @10% 6 drops

    It would make a very nice base accord for something. On it's own however...Hmmmn lovely!

    I've been surprised at this being so difficult. I shouldn't have been I suppose. The weirdest thing is that the stronger smells cancel each other out and the supposedly stinkier blends just don't smell much. Wierd and wonderful.
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    Default Re: Help please - experienced noses to make a nasty plague blend

    I'm not sure a rag would give off enough smell - you need to use heat and air movement to spread the stink. Unless of course the rag itself is hot.

    Today's your birthday? Buon compleanno!


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    Default Re: Help please - experienced noses to make a nasty plague blend

    Happy Birthday (mine today to funnily enough, but I'm cooking . . . something has gone wrong here I feel) anyway back to the point, if you have any Spikenard to hand that should add a good strong sweaty feet smell (especially if it's not the best quality). Cumin might help with the sweat too.

    My top choice for this would have been indole, para-cresyl acetate and butyric acid but I'm guessing you don't have those so the above is the best I can suggest.

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    another thought - this is of course cheating - but plague caused rotting of the extremities: the simplest way to get that smell at short notice is to find a bit of meat and leave it somewhere warm and not too dry overnight. It'll smell ghastly by tomorrow afternoon and if you leave the hanky wrapped in it it should pick that up. Your alcoholic mixture of other nasty smells can then sterilise it so it's not going to infect anyone before it's used.
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    Default Re: Help please - experienced noses to make a nasty plague blend

    Hello peeps. I don't guarantee to be absolutely straight but thank you ever so much.
    Happy birthday to you too Chris. How we didn't guess we were both Virgos! Pedantic and perfectionist together! I'm never sure it is a blessing! Rotting of the extremities... a tiny fat floral addition... dilute jasmine sambac.. dark narcissus? Cumin = sweat = perfect.

    I shall try a small tissue or cotton square to waft and get him to keep them in his pocket first to warm up. The smell diameter is only 2 metres at most from the centre and not up to the nose!

    - - - Updated - - -

    I didn't fancy smelling the blend this morning strangely enough. Said boy has been sent off with two stinkers and I shall report back later.

    The Drama is an expression of the playright Antonin Artauds theatre of cruelty. I took this from Wiki:-

    Artaud's second use of the term (according to Jamieson), is as a form of discipline. Although Artaud wanted to "reject form and incite chaos" (Jamieson, p. 22), he also promoted strict discipline and rigor in his performance techniques. A third use of the term was ‘cruelty as theatrical presentation’. The Theatre of Cruelty aimed to hurl the spectator into the centre of the action, forcing them to engage with the performance on an instinctive level. For Artaud, this was a cruel, yet necessary act upon the spectator designed to shock them out of their complacency:
    Artaud sought to remove aesthetic distance, bringing the audience into direct contact with the dangers of life. By turning theatre into a place where the spectator is exposed rather than protected, Artaud was committing an act of cruelty upon them.
    – Lee Jamieson, Antonin Artaud: From Theory to Practice, Greenwich Exchange, 2007, p.23
    Artaud wanted to put the audience in the middle of the 'spectacle' (his term for the play), so they would be 'engulfed and physically affected by it'. He referred to this layout as being like a 'vortex' - a constantly shifting shape - 'to be trapped and powerless'.

    My sons intended audience are to be blindfolded and subjected to these unusual perfumes during a play designed to stimulate other senses apart from the visual and to evoke uncomfortable feelings with the use of smell.

    Fascinating! I was delighted to be asked to help.

    - - - Updated - - -

    It went well apparently. It didn't smell as powerful or pungent as we had hoped it would. He said the other group had used incense and it was better in a way for pervasiveness. His was enough to make the audience feel slightly repulsed by the scent.

    A good perfumers lesson learned for future reference. It makes me less worried about the stinkier ingredients in a blend if some cancel each other out like that.
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