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    Default New to fragrances! Grad school student

    Hi all, I just started my graduate program and also started getting interested in fragrances. I recently purchased my first fragrance which was Juicy Couture Dirty English and I love it!

    I'm not a fan of anything thats sweet. I'm looking to add one or two more fragrances to my wardrobe that aren't expensive and versatile. I prefer smells that are masculine, and that contrasts Dirty English (e.g. something fresh I can wear in the daytime). I've read a lot of reviews about Rive Gauche but I don't know if its too old for me. I've only smelt it once.

    I recently tried out Lanvin Sport, Nautica Blue and Azzaro Chrome and liked Chrome the most out of those three but don't see myself wearing it. I also smelt HM for Men and strongly disliked it. In my smell test I also preferred Live Jazz over regular Jazz.

    Much thanks!

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    Default Re: New to fragrances! Grad school student

    Eau Sauvage Parfum.

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    Default Re: New to fragrances! Grad school student


    As usual at the beginning, you have to smell your way around and test things-at the beginning, tastes can change as you expand your horizons.

    Rive Gauche is a dry fougere and seems perfect to me. Not sure what old means, but that would not be it anyway.

    For freshness, I prefer vetiver to the more common aquatic-ozonic (like Chrome, Blue, sport and the like), but that's a matter of taste. Vetiver is green and natural smelling. Examples are Tom Ford Grey Vetiver or Guerlain Vetiver. Alternatively, if you have a Lush store nearby, Lush has some surprisingly good frags (especially for the price): Dirty is their fresh offering, a minty herbal fresh fragrance. Their Breath of God instead is a smoky vetiver, wonderful but very avant-garde.


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    Default Re: New to fragrances! Grad school student

    You will love this stuff ...

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    Default Re: New to fragrances! Grad school student

    I haven't really had any experiences with vetiver, but I also suggest you look that route. As cacio mentioned, there are a lot of nice options out there. If you're looking for something a little less expensive, Chanel Sycomore is popular with the community. There is also Grey Vetiver by Tom Ford, but that's more expensive generally (though not by a lot).

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    Default Re: New to fragrances! Grad school student

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone, I'll try out these fragrances on the weekend.

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    Default Re: New to fragrances! Grad school student

    Style for Men by Micallef

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    Default Re: New to fragrances! Grad school student

    Guerlain Vetiver might suit you well - fresh, green, and suitable for pretty much any occasion.

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    Default Re: New to fragrances! Grad school student

    1. Dior Homme Original
    2. Musc Ravaguer
    3. Portrait of a Lady
    4. Noir de Noir
    5. L Instant Guerlain pour Homme Extreme
    6. New Haarlem
    7. Pure Coffee
    8. Blu Mediterraneo Sicilian Almond
    9. Rose 31
    10. Spiritueuse Double Vanille

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    Default Re: New to fragrances! Grad school student

    Do try:

    Story by Paul Smith - One is initially treated to a blast of a lemony and slightly peppery, citric accord. The herbal and faintly woody aspects of ivy leaf intrude upon and commingle with this sparkling citrus, providing a crisp, leafy opening, which saunters to the awaiting middle. Here, in the heart, a floral potion from the sweet jasmine and cardboard-like mustiness of rose leaf tempers the jarring opening, and transitions to the welcoming base. An altering melange of grass-like and clean vetiver, white musk, with its laundered-linen illusion, as well as a rugged, mineral amber coalesce. With an errant metallic and faintly minty something fluttering about, the dry woodiness of cedar squires the cleanly mix to a refreshing drydown. This light and fresh composition has good projection and longevity, and will bloom in the spring, summer and fall. A very nice fragrance which can be had rather inexpensively.


    Zirh Ikon by Zirh - One is initially treated to a zesty lemonade. Tart and tangy lemon interplays with davona flower, with its sweetly fruity aspect, and cardamon, with its mildly spicy, anise-tinged facets. Ginger sprinkles the melange with its peppery, lemony and green character. Transitioning to the heart, the citric brew succumbs to the darker aspects of the scent. Labdanum infuses its resinous, myrhh-like and slightly leather-like facets, commingling with a raw, spicy cinnamon as well as clove buds, with their charred-wood and smokey aroma. An undercurrent of a citrusy, pine-like frankincense and earthy, green vetiver adds to the mystical aura, and flows to the base. Here, a rich amber alters the accommodating frankincense, which has come into its own, to a darker character. And, an almost creamy cedarwood intermingles with a balsamic patchouli, which imparts its earthiness coupled with camphoraceous and mossy nuances. An inviting drydown ensues. This manly composition is well blended, and challenges the domain of niche. A fall and winter scent, this spicy and dark fragrance has good projection, a 2-3 hour, scent cloud, and longevity, about 8 hours. Given its inexpensive price, it is a welcomed addition to one's fragrance wardrobe.


    Encore Noire by Lalique - One is initially treated to a drenched, citrusy greenness, afforded by the haitian vetiver, which progresses to an earthiness somewhat akin to the saturated soil of a marsh littered with struggling greens. A warming greenness ensues, brought about by the bourbon vetiver. A duet of vetivers is consummated. From this green, damp and dirty duet, the bourbon vetiver overtakes with a burning, ember-like texture. In the distance, the cool crispness of cypress wood tantalizes, and the tempering heart beckons. Here, the spicy cypress wood stews lusciously with the wrestling vetivers, imparting a dry smokiness to the brew. Transitioning to the soothing base, a sweetness from the cashmere wood taints the subdued vetivers, and combines with a sensual musk to impart a wonderful, dry and animalic woodiness. This exquisite fragrance has a refined and complex uniqueness. A true gem, this high quality scent has good projection and very good longevity, and warrants your indulgence.

    And, enjoy your Dirty English by Juicy Couture, a good scent to have.


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