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    Default "Sexy" day/versatile fragrance

    Pure Malt and La Nuit hands down, have been my sexy fragrances. Unfortunately, La Nuit seems inappropriate for day wear (although I do wear it during the day) and tends to smell nicer at night for some reason. Pure Malt, although versatile, is too pricey to wear all the time, I would prefer to keep it as my formal/special occasion scent.

    What I'm looking for is something within a college student age range (I am 20) that screams "fun and sexy!" but is also wearable during the day, night, evening, heat or cold, etc.

    I purchased Boss Bottled which seems to fall under this category, but is there something else?

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    Default Re: "Sexy" day/versatile fragrance

    Body Kouros; light oriental that I can wear all day and even through warmer days. Terre other than BK though.
    Currently wearing: Pi Fraiche by Givenchy

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    Default Re: "Sexy" day/versatile fragrance

    Burberry London

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    Default Re: "Sexy" day/versatile fragrance

    Looking at Body Kouros right now...this one sounds perfect.

    Thanks hednic, but BB London is a no-go. Love it, but not quite what I'm looking for.

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    Default Re: "Sexy" day/versatile fragrance

    Body Kouros is a good shout (especially on a budget), I'd also throw New Haarlem and Dior Homme Intense into the ring.

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    Default Re: "Sexy" day/versatile fragrance

    CK Eternity, Body Kouros
    Currently wearing: Eau de 34 by Diptyque

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    Default Re: "Sexy" day/versatile fragrance


    Beyond Paradise for Men by Estee Lauder - Upon application, one is treated to a salt water and fruity melange. I suspect Eden's Mist is calone with its watery, marine and ozone accord furnishing a delightful, fresh, seashore apparition. Fruitiness of ripened melons and somewhat medicinal cucumber is provided by the Brazilian jabuticaba, while South African buchu leaves impart their rain forest vibe with their lush and woody aspects as well as a faint mintiness. This refreshing opening drifts to the waiting middle. Here, in the heart, herbaceous lavender, with its inherent freshness, a mediterranean accord of earth and sweet cistus as well as vivacious herbs overhaul the blend. Balsamic sage along with verdurous tarragon, with its licorice and lemon vibe, as well as lemony and woody thyme wonderfully interplay. The strong base usurps this bracing mix. Old and weather-beaten beachwood, green and grassy vetiver, minty and muddy patchouli, earthy and foresty oakmoss as well as light and spicy melaleuca bark, all bestow their sensuous character. A fascinating drydown ensues. This impressive and manly composition has good projection and very good longevity.

    By the way, Body Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent is saccharine, if that's your thing.

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    Default Re: "Sexy" day/versatile fragrance

    Dior Homme Intense.
    Currently wearing: Versace l'Homme by Versace

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    Default Re: "Sexy" day/versatile fragrance

    Chanel AHS

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    Default Re: "Sexy" day/versatile fragrance

    Dior Homme

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    Default Re: "Sexy" day/versatile fragrance

    Body Kouros is a good recommendation. Also check out Daddy Yankee, Lacoste Elegance, Rochas Man, and possibly Burberry Touch. (although Touch can easily become cloying in the heat.)
    My Ultimate Top 5:

    Fahrenheit (1988)
    Le Vetiver Itasca (2010)
    Burberry London (2006)
    Eau des Baux (2006)
    Arpege pour Homme (2005)

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    Default Re: "Sexy" day/versatile fragrance

    I have a bottle of Body Kouros in my collection but never really reach for it in the hot weather. It may be cloying if sprayed too much so be easy on the trigger

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    Default Re: "Sexy" day/versatile fragrance

    Currently wearing: Monsieur Rochas by Rochas

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    Default Re: "Sexy" day/versatile fragrance

    Another vote for Doir Homme Intense. Fragrancenet had it in stock very recently, but looks like they are out again for the time being.

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    Default Re: "Sexy" day/versatile fragrance

    mont blanc individual..

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    Default Re: "Sexy" day/versatile fragrance

    I bought Midnight in Paris EDP for this purpose. I know a lot of ppl consider this a romantic scent but I find it incredibly wearable and versatile all year round.

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    L'Instant de Guerlain

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    Default Re: "Sexy" day/versatile fragrance

    Ambre Fetiche.

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    Default Re: "Sexy" day/versatile fragrance

    I also love la nuit, so during the day I like to wear ysl l'homme. It is similar, but easier to wear, and more versatile.

    I really like Givenchy Play Intense.
    Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille Creed Silver Mountain Water Creed Millesime Imperial
    Gucci Pour Homme II YSL La Nuit de L'homme Versace The Dreamer
    Burberry London YSL L'homme L'occitane Eau Des Baux

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    Default Re: "Sexy" day/versatile fragrance

    Thanks for all the suggestions everyone, I'm going to look into them asap!

    I see DHI is getting a lot of hype on this thread. Definitely going to have to smell this one again (last time I took a whiff of it, it was nice, but I wasn't impressed)

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    Default Re: "Sexy" day/versatile fragrance

    I wear molecule 01 everyday. I too am in college and it's great cuz it is never overpowering, but it works its magic "in passing" So when you are setting in class you wont smell it, and those around you wont smell it. But when you are walking past someone, they will smell you clearly and distinctly. People often follow me and ask what I am wearing! The stuff is magic. I swear by it.
    Plus its hella fun to tell people you are wearing "Molecule 01" cuz NO ONE has ever heard of it, and it sounds BAD A**.

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    Default Re: "Sexy" day/versatile fragrance

    Lolita Lempicka Au Masculine

    (I bought Body Kouros for this exact purpsoe but it doesn't last on me)
    The hunt for a Signature Fragrance is not an easy one! I see the light at the end of the tunnel! Edit: 2015... I've given up and given in (My swap thread)
    Looking for swap:Spicebomb Extreme, Pure Tonka A*men, Lolita Lempicka Minuit, Bleeker Street

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    Default Re: "Sexy" day/versatile fragrance

    versace ph
    Seasonal favorites :

    Winter : The Dreamer & Burberry London
    Spring-Autumn : Bvlgari Pour Homme & Aqua Fahrenheit
    Summer : Bvlgari Aqva & Bvlgari Extreme
    All-Rounders : Prada Man & Bleu de Chanel

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    Default Re: "Sexy" day/versatile fragrance

    Bvlgari Black

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    Default Re: "Sexy" day/versatile fragrance

    I have two recommendations, very appropriate for your age also:

    CH Men by Carolina Herrera (this stuff is great, way under the radar)

    Rocawear Evolution (sexy date night frag you can wear casually and comfortably by day, $35 for a 100 ml bottle)

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    Default Re: "Sexy" day/versatile fragrance

    Rive Gauche PH:

    versatile everyday-check
    Currently wearing: Bogart by Jacques Bogart

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    Default Re: "Sexy" day/versatile fragrance

    Chanel Platinum Egoiste

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