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    Default REALLY NEED HELP!! Need fragrance for film screening!!!

    Hey cologne experts, I really need your help! I'm hosting a film screening and I need a scent to wear. The STAR of the movie, the incredible Matt Raimo (remember that name, he's going to be HUGE!!!) will be there.

    Please help me! Watch this movie on youtube:

    and tell me what the main character, Johnny Spigotti would wear. I REALLY REALLY need help here.

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    Default Re: REALLY NEED HELP!! Need fragrance for film screening!!!

    The traditional Italian frags for men were usually resinous herbals. Pino Silvestre and Acqua di Selva are the most traditional examples. Aramis Tuscany perhaps a better worked out example. The star of the movie, though, is a handsome photomodel who doesn't look traditional Italian at all. Besides, living in New York, I doubt he'd use traditional stuff (and Aramis is definitely out for a Columbia student). He probably shops on Madison avenue, though I don't see him going avant garde. I'd say Tom Ford, then: expensive, and the type of fashion a mobster would wear. Neroli portofino would sadly fit the bill - but I don't like it - so I can't see myself suggesting it. Perhaps oud wood?

    But who's supposed to be wearing the perfume? And were you involved in the movie?


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    Default Re: REALLY NEED HELP!! Need fragrance for film screening!!!

    Acqua di Parma Assoluta.

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    Default Re: REALLY NEED HELP!! Need fragrance for film screening!!!

    So that no one is offended, it would be good to play it safe....Mugler Cologne.
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