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    Default Plainsight Tries Aventus: Is Aventus Worth The Hype?

    I've been on this board for more than 8 months. When I first joined, Green Irish Tweed was the favorite horse. But soon after, people started shifting to Creed's Aventus. It soon became, easily, the most acclaimed fragrance on Basenotes. For the past few months, it has been in a lot of top 10 lists, the center of a lot of topics, and in nearly every topic asking for suggestions, someone is going to mention Aventus. I've never seen this much hype in a fragrance before, ever. Aventus has the reputation on Basenotes as the #1 fragrance.

    The question: Does Aventus live up to the high standards set for it?

    I caved into all of the hype and bought a decant of Aventus (c42b11z01). I tried it on for a few days and for those who haven't tried it, I will explain the best I can what it is like to help you decide whether this is worth trying or buying. For those who tried it and own it, this can be a very lively discussion.

    Creed's most popular scents Millesime Imperial, Silver Mountain Water and Green Irish Tweed are known to be fresh and more subtle scents. For that reason, I was expecting this to be a light scent as well. However, Aventus is far from it. It is the polar opposite. This is not unisex. This is masculine, to the fullest extent of the word. Aventus is a powerhouse, projecting much much stronger. If it were sold in a generic bottle, I would not have guessed it was a Creed.

    At the beginning, it starts out with a mix of fruits. There is bergamot and apples, which are excellent. Mainly, the most noted part about this fragrance is the pineapple. It stands out because not many fragrances use pineapple, especially as one of the main notes. Not only that, but Creed does it exceptionally well. The opening starts a little synthetic and at the literal first second it is really hard to tell what exactly is going on. However, after the first minute, the scent develops into something wonderful. It is a great fruity scent with a lot of darker undercurrents.

    However, quickly, within the first hour, that fruity paradise vanishes, replaced with a billowing cloud of smoke. The apple-pineapple opening starts to take a back-seat while the smoky woody incense dominates the fragrance. By the 2nd hour, the scent is mostly just smoke. That wonderful opening is hardly detectable. While fragrances are often criticized for being linear, I think the greater flaw is being inconsistent. I do not see the purpose of having such a remarkable opening for it only to vanish into thin air.

    This scent is smoky, like Kouros. While this scent is remarkably different from Kouros, it still has the same idea in mind: a strong powerhouse smoky fragrance, distinct in its uniqueness.

    My nose is very insensitive and incapable of picking up subtleties, so I'm probably not the best person to judge a scent even on my own skin. It's really hard on whether I really like it or don't care a lot about it. It is such a complex fragrance with so many subtlties. Each part of my body I spray it on, it smells completely different, but in the end, it all leads to the same path: the smoky birch basenotes.

    When it comes to compliments, I hear a lot of people have gotten a ton of compliments. I haven't worn it in public much so I can't judge that.

    Two things you should keep in mind:
    1. There are variations from batch to batch. There are some batches with more pineapple and some batches with more smoke - and I may have the latter. For that reason, make sure you check the batch you are getting before you buy it.
    2. We all have different skin chemistry. My skin diffuses a lot of heat, so many fragrances end up heavily distorted

    I still have my decant. I'll give it a lot more usage to see if my mind changes. Once the decant is done, I'll decide whether I want a full bottle or not. I'm not sure if I want to buy this (and I'm thankful that I didn't, though I may change my mind). For those wanting to blind buy this, I assume you do the same. Don't sample it on a card and walk away if you don't like it. Don't buy it blindly. Rather, try a decant or split sample of 5-10ml. If you end up liking it, go for the real thing.

    This has been strongly hyped. But now as I smell Aventus and think of why, I know the reason. Because it is bold daring and controversial - not because most people love it! Creed's willingness to take a risk and release a scent so different has resulted in people having extreme opinions of it. I'm sure many people on here will say that they didn't like Aventus or it wasn't for them. Safer more versatile scents like Millesime Imperial will have overall MORE PEOPLE approving, but Aventus will have more people who EXTREMELY APPROVE of it.

    I'm unsure how I am going to rate this. This could, in time, get a 10. But for now, I'll let it rest at an 8.

    This may be all a bit premature. My opinion of this may change (or it could stay the same) in months to come.
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