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    Default Portrait of a Lady and New York Oud

    These two seem to be quite similar to one another. I own New York Oud and I am planning on getting Portrait of a Lady even those they are quite close.

    New York Oud - plum, oud, patchouli, saffron, rose

    Portrait of a Lady - raspberry, rose, incense, patchouli

    They both have a fruity note, rose and patchouli. What are the main difference you see in them? My sample of PoaL is out and I can't compare anymore.

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    Default Re: Portrait of a Lady and New York Oud

    Personally don't see them as being similar. I think you'll like the Malle scent better.

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    Default Re: Portrait of a Lady and New York Oud

    I haven't tried NY Oud. But the main difference is that PoaL doesn't have oud in it.
    Its 40% rose, 25% incense and 35% patchouli. To briefly summarize.
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    Default Re: Portrait of a Lady and New York Oud

    I love them both. Both project like crazy and have great longevity. While NY Oud has "oud" in it (not a dirty oud, but a clean synthetic oud), PoaL is much heavier in the rose. To me that is the big difference - NYO has a clean oud note (the Oud note reminds me a little of Heeley Agarwoud), where PoaL has a very distinguished rose note, which is missing in NYO (to my nose).

    Go ahead - own them both!
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    Default Re: Portrait of a Lady and New York Oud

    yeah... in theory and in terms of note breakdown there might be some overlap but I don't really compare them. PoAL is much more about big rose with supporting notes. It sometimes gets powdery, sometimes jammy, and sometimes spicey. The Oud to me (though I've only smelled it a few times and was impressed) is much more about oud and some other smaller notes behind it.

    Also the textures were different. The Oud feels more slick and watery while the Portrait felt puffy/foggy with some spikes.
    And for colors, the Oud is much more about greens, purples, browns, and oranges, whereas the Portrait is pink, red, maroon, with a bit of brown...
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    Default Re: Portrait of a Lady and New York Oud

    Both are really good fragrances. NY Oud is better if you are after the rose + oud + saffron combination which is addictive. Portrait of A Lady is probably the finer rose fragrance although it is balanced nicely with something that smells like green leaves and earth - probably patchouli.
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    Default Re: Portrait of a Lady and New York Oud

    I own both and can tell you they smell worlds apart. Portrait of a Lady is a killer though, you won't be disappointed. The major differences are PoaL focuses much more on a rose and sweet raspberry with a background of very noticeable patchouli and incense. NY Oud has a very strong plum note along with the obvious dry oud note, there is rose but it's not a focus, and the patch is barely there.

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    Default Re: Portrait of a Lady and New York Oud

    Portrait has a strong rose note.

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    Default Re: Portrait of a Lady and New York Oud

    Usually I like Malle fragrances more , but New York Oud>>> Portrait of a Lady. New York Oud is way more complex.
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    Default Re: Portrait of a Lady and New York Oud

    i dnt see similarities
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    Default Re: Portrait of a Lady and New York Oud

    I forgot to add, NY oud and Malle DO NOT have any similarites , one is a Rose/Oud/Honey combo
    the other is more of living rose and patchouli scent.
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    Default Re: Portrait of a Lady and New York Oud

    I don't find them similar at all.

    New York Oud has a dirty, synthetic vibe going on.

    Portrait of a Lady does not have any skank at all. I find this more elegant than NYO.

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    Default Re: Portrait of a Lady and New York Oud

    I think NY oud smells alot more synthetic and it dries down to that harsh note that is found in some of the recent releases! I see some similarities between the two in the top notes, maybe because of the rose note but I think POAL is smoother and more interesting.

    By the way, Kron has a split of portrait of a lady at the moment (check the fragrance splits board) in case you don't want to own the full bottle.

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    Default Re: Portrait of a Lady and New York Oud

    Personally I would pick PoaL as well. Love Malle and their fragrances! Then again, its probably because im not too into oud.
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