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    Default HEELEY Sel Marin longevity/projection

    Hey all,

    Recently acquired a decant of this scent and am just wondering how other peoples experiences with this went. Quite love the smell of it but feels like after an hour or two its sitting quite close to the skin and certainly a lot more faint.

    Would love to hear other peoples impressions, trying to work out whether my skin is just not friendly to acquatics in that respect or if maybe its olfactory fatigue or if yeah its just weak projection/longevity.

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    Default Re: HEELEY Sel Marin longevity/projection

    Personally speaking, I get very good longevity from this scent.

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    Default Re: HEELEY Sel Marin longevity/projection

    I get good longevity as well.

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    Default Re: HEELEY Sel Marin longevity/projection

    I just recently posted about this in another thread, but I for one get horrid longevity also. I LOVE the scent. Its one of my faves but its hard to bring myself to wear it when I only get 2-3 hours longevity and only 6 inches projection.
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    Default Re: HEELEY Sel Marin longevity/projection

    The longevity that I get is the long day at the beach....but in a good way. It stays close to the skin on me at that point. All those top notes fade in a hour or so, but I haven't found anything that smells more marine than that. You can smell the fish market.

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