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Thread: Kenzo: 263

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    Default Kenzo: 263

    I have taken their 15 more significant fragrances (out of 60+ offerings) and it adds 263 positive- 47 neutral- 80 negative.
    In my personal opinion Kenzo is one of the best designers brands and one that gets moderated love at basenotes. All in all of their offerings are interesting and original. Which one(s) do you consider their best offering(s)? I truly enjoy pour homme and jungle.
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    Default Re: Kenzo: 263

    Pour Homme

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    Default Re: Kenzo: 263

    Kenzo Homme, L'eau par Kenzo (great for summer), Power, Air

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    Default Re: Kenzo: 263

    I found an old Kenzo King Kong in my sister's drawer. Quite interesting, with a rich banana note. I think it must be similar to one of the later jungles.


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    Default Re: Kenzo: 263

    Pour Homme is great.....Jungle Homme is nice.....Power is good.....Tokyo is nice.....A very nice group of fragrances for sure.....I'm not so sure that I would call them one of the best.....but they are very nice!

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    Default Re: Kenzo: 263

    Power Cologne of course.
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    Default Re: Kenzo: 263

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    Default Re: Kenzo: 263

    Pour Homme, Power Cologne.

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    Default Re: Kenzo: 263

    Intriguing - i should look more into this house!

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    Default Re: Kenzo: 263

    Kenzo Flower LeParfum.I know Flower was a widely acclaimed scent but when I tried it everything smelled like it already. The EDP version added so much more richness to it that really struck a cord with me.

    For me Kenzo is also one of the better mainstream houses, I always try their offerings
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    Default Re: Kenzo: 263

    I think Naed_Nitram summed the Kenzo thing up with this inspired review of "Pour Homme" :

    A bit of a Chinese hermit, if you ask me. Got that elusive smell of the Tao about him. He came down from the mountains, went into the temple, gulped down a bowl of rice, exchanged a few words with the Grandmaster, then disappeared again.
    "What a strange-smelling person, Master," observed a young monk, "I'm not sure if he smells nice or nasty, or, indeed, if he smells of anything very definite at all." "Nice or nasty, young grasshopper," replied the Grandmaster, "present or absent, wowzer or yowzer, like it, dislike it - who cares? He has the intangible smell of the Ucarved Block about him. Thumbs up, thumbs down - who cares? Neutral is best."

    How to follow a review like that?

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    Default Re: Kenzo: 263

    Time for Peace is a great one, longevity sucks sometimes though. Also discontinued.
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    Default Re: Kenzo: 263

    Pour Homme, Power, Air/Air Intense.

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    Default Re: Kenzo: 263

    I quite like the brand too, but most of then are very soft.

    I do love Kenzo Power

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