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Thread: Six Scents?

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    Default Six Scents?

    How is this house, and what is worth exploring?
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    I only own M by Vasnier, forget what it is (I think series 3 no 6), a dirty-clean leather - ie it has both a lot of animalics and a clean laundry musk. Interesting but not the stuff of dreams - too much white musk - if it had been dirtier, it would have been very good. I also found Nicoll (or something like that), a bright fennel-veggie, and solar donkey (bright citrus) interesting. I think there's also an incense some people like (Ascent ?), but I thought it was like many others. The rest didn't really register much with me. Overall it seems it's just not worth the price. Cute packaging though.

    I have not smelled yet series 4.

    If I remember correctly, there were a couple of past threads about some of them.


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    I have Napa Noir from Series Four and love it. I was also impressed with The Spirit of Wood from the first series and wish I bought it when it was first released.
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