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    Question Suggestions for Fall/Winter (Paris)

    It's been so long since I visited the boards as I've just moved to Paris from California.
    Happy to report that I've already visited the Serge Lutens boutique and they were extremely generous with their samples. I went in and was completely overwhelmed by the selection, so the salesperson kindly gave me samples of I think the entire collection! I'm slowly making my way through them, but really having a hard time narrowing it down.

    I had to leave a ton of my beloved perfumes at home (really missing my Apres l'Ondee), so I am looking for a couple for fall/winter that are sophisticated, sexy, sleek to rotate. My 'uniform' here has been a bold red lip, cat eye, black leather biker jacket, and heels.
    I avoid are pear, aquatic, too much citrus, anything sharp or astringent. Need good sillage and longevity. I have an open mind and would love to get a few that are really special. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Suggestions for Fall/Winter (Paris)

    Lucky you! So much to smell and purchase in Paris!

    Biker jacket and heels simply screams Bandit-incidentally one of my top 3 perfumes. Show 'em you mean business. (plus, it's going to be reformulated soon, and who knows what will come out). Sillage and longevity are no problem for this femme cruele.

    Somehow, I also feel that Etat Libre d'Orange Jasmin et Cigarette fits the bill. Pretty jasmine, but also dark gauloises.

    Apres l'ondee, which is of course sensational, seems so wrong for the outfit. Delicate heliotropin would just seem so fake there. If you have cash to spare, and you really need a heliotropin fix, you could rather check the loud, poisonous JAR Jarling (rue de Castiglione). But you really need a lot of cash to enter that store (where you can also pick up the enormous tuberose called Eclair).

    In the SL range, I'd carefully consider Sarrasins (jasmine leather), which is floral and delicate, but the leather provides the necessary spine.


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    Default Re: Suggestions for Fall/Winter (Paris)

    Your description make me think about SL Daim blond (it's not in the wax samples)

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    Default Re: Suggestions for Fall/Winter (Paris)

    Thank you both so much! Yes, I did leave behind Apres L'ondee partly because I simply can't wear what I wore in California in Paris. I have a lot of pretty roses and violets. I had a soliflore phase with them, but now it's all dark dark colors here... leather, moodier. I think that I suddenly have access to so much makes it almost a bit daunting, whereas back in the states I had to kind of hunt them down.
    Ooooo Bandit sounds perfect. When I was thinking of what's here, Robert Piguet somehow totally slipped my mind. Really curious about the JAR perfumes though... and Daim Blond is already on my "shortlist" from when I sniffed it in the store. I really like Sarrasins, but I also have A la nuit... I wish I'd tried Sarrasins before I got it though.

    As for visiting the Jar store, any tips? I just read one person's negative review of Jarling and the experience of how they won't tell you any of the notes, etc. Any other Jar scents I should try while I"m there besides Jarling and Eclair? I feel like I have to be prepared

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    Default Re: Suggestions for Fall/Winter (Paris)

    I didn't have any negative experience at JAR. It's just that they don't tell the notes - which, after all, is better than the usual way, made-up notes. There were a couple of threads in the past where people recounted their experiences at the store (hedonist perhaps, and somebody else...). You don't try them the usual way. You sit down at the table with the SA, in front of 6 or 7 glass domes containing pieces of cloth (or rubber?) that look like they were ripped off somebody's innards. The SA lifts the glass dome and you smell the aggressively fragrant lumps. After that, if you are interested in something, he will dab you.

    The style of the house is to take a note and amplify it to its limits. The lineup includes:
    Eclair: humongous tuberose (i'm curious as to how the SA calls it, here it's referred to as bolt of lightning, but when I went to the store and pretended to speak french, the SA called it Eclair)
    Jardenia: realistic gardenia with the mushroom note turned to the max
    Jarling: putty-clay heliotropin
    Ferme tes yeux: intense civet and animalics
    Shadow: dill pickes
    Golconda: clove carnation oriental
    Diamond Water: the least intense of the house, clovey musky
    Depending on whether they've run out, they could also have Bed of roses: rose chocolate.

    The real problem is cost, it ranges from EUR 400 to EUR 600 (Eclair) for 30ml of very intense extrait concentrations. I own Eclair and I have a few on my to buy list (Jardenia and Jarling primarily).


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    Default Re: Suggestions for Fall/Winter (Paris)

    The Jar concept is too similar to the Lutens Palais royal boutique : no comment about the notes, the impression to enter in a sanctuary, the purple decoration... They took the same concept
    It's just a commercial mise-en-scene

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    Default Re: Suggestions for Fall/Winter (Paris)

    JAR is such an interesting experience. I had a lovely time there, being ushered around all the fragrances. The SA is very nice, so just relax, he won't bite. The Bed of Roses is my favourite and I also liked Shadow - Bolt of Lightning. I think there is only a few bottles of the BoR left in the Paris store, so if they sell out, that's it - no more Bed of Roses Enjoy the visit
    Do happy

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    Default Re: Suggestions for Fall/Winter (Paris)

    Cuir Velours, by Naomi Goodsir; Bois d'Ombrie, by Eau d'Italie; Onda, by Vero Profumo.

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    Default Re: Suggestions for Fall/Winter (Paris)

    I hope the SAs at the Serge Lutens boutique gave you Cuir Mauresque to sample. It's a sexy, heavy-lidded leather, not exactly sleek but great for winter.
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    Default Re: Suggestions for Fall/Winter (Paris)

    Oh, enjoy it to the fullest while there. For how long? Which arroindisment? All by yourself?

    Cacio, excellent descriptions. That's what I want to hear -- concise and to the point. If I want to hear more, I will ask questions. Thanks.
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    Default Re: Suggestions for Fall/Winter (Paris)

    Winter in Paris...Lumiere Noir Francis Kurdjian

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    Default Re: Suggestions for Fall/Winter (Paris)

    I came back from Paris a few weeks ago. I highly recommend Jovoy on rue de Castiglione, the same street where Jar boutique is. There is also an Annick Goutal shop and Guerlain shop near by.

    I loved my visit to Jar boutique. It's very old fashioned shopping experience, where you are treated so individually.
    You don't need cash to get into the store, but you do need cash to bring anything out!

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