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    Default Diptyque Hourglass Diffuser

    The diptyque hourglass diffuser brings back the visionary world captured in perfume. As much a visual manifestation as one of smell, it is easy and intuitive to use, requiring no energy, needing no special care. It is entirely distinct from modern technologies: Simply turn the object over to begin a fragrance cycle of about twenty minutes. With a scent diffusion process that uses no heat, relying on gravity and osmotic action, the hourglass diffuser preserves the originality and integrity of our 34 boulevard saint germain perfume as it slowly, subtly, and delicately releases its inimitable notes into the air.

    I love 34 Boulevard Saint Germain so when I the new Diptyque diffuser I was ready to go online and order two. However they are €110 each and I was wondering if anyone has bought/seen one in person. I will probably buy two at the weekend either way. Hopefully if they sell well they will bring out more fragrances.
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    Cool idea. Wonder how it works. It looks like the scent diffuses from the neck of the hour glass.

    The price is appalling however. If I am reading the package correctly, the diffuser has 75ml of fragrance. So its actually cheaper to just spray the edt around the room and then spray it on yourself rather than invest in the hourglass.

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    Coincidentally i saw this today.

    I still prefer to burn Oud.
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    As a fan of this scent I thank you for the info. I wish I could burn Oud. The misus would go nuts.

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    Default Re: Diptyque Hourglass Diffuser

    I have seen this in our store , the scent diffuses through a wick in the centre , the whole thing can be refilled three times , before it is finished , I was surprised how big it was really much larger than I expected from the pics. If anything the size put me off , but it is a novel idea and great if you love that fragrance , sure others will follow !

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    Mega Bump!
    Does anyone have any experience with how well the hourglass diffuser performs, projection wise?

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