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    Hey guys, have been thinking about purchasing a few fragrances from fragrancenet because of how cheap the prices are.
    Even though the delivery is $25 (I think) I thought purchasing in bulk would be a good idea.

    -Does anyone have experience with fragrancenet ?
    -How was the service ?
    -Do you recommend it ?
    -How long did the items take to arrive ?

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    I have purchased from FragranceNet 3-4 times. Service wasn't that great for me; no email confirmation that my order was processed or received (like those automatic ones that pop up after you buy something online), and it took at least 7 business days before my purchases shipped. One time I wanted to cancel my order about 4-5 hours after I placed it, and I emailed them saying I wanted to cancel. They replied 5 days later, telling me the order was already processed and shipped, but I had no email confirmation to back up their claim. All the fragrances I purchased were fine though. I think with my latest purchase (which was back in June), I did receive an email confirmation of my purchase, but it took 2 weeks until I received them. I did a swap with someone from the same state that one of their warehouses is located, and I received my package from her within 3 days.

    Anyway, I apologize for the rant. All in all, you get what you pay for. I think the customer service sucks, but the prices are reasonable and the items are genuine. I have heard some people get testers or unsealed boxes even though that wasn't advertised on some of the descriptions.

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    Bloody hell if it took 2 weeks for your item to arrive in the states, how long would it take to arrive in the land down under. Ouch.
    The sense of smell, like a faithful counsellor, foretells its character.

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    I think there are multiple shipping locations; people in the UK seem to get their shipments fast. I think I'm just unlucky. If you're willing to wait, I'd say go for it. But I'm impatient, haha.

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    I've only ordered twice but each time took 3-4 weeks, I was concerned about the order first time around and customer service was pretty rude but the goods still showed up and were fine.
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    My best advice would be to shop around - depends on what exactly you are buying.

    FragranceNet were slow, and the packaging is terrible - admittedly nothing has been broken. (the discounts mount up over time)

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    I usually buy from their eBay store. Never had any issues. Shipping takes anywhere from 4 days to 2 weeks in my experience

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    Their packaging is terrible to the point where one order got reboxed by Auspost before getting to me.
    I've had better experiences with 99 Perfume and Perfume Emporium

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    I've always found them ok. Probably ordered 10 or more times over the years. The orders all arrived in around 3 weeks and were always genuine. I've always received email confirmations. I haven't really tested their customer service as there has never been a problem. If you want stuff quicker, strawberrynet is based in Hong Kong so ships quicker - however I have had one order go missing and got no reply to my email to customer service with them.

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    Been really considering making a large order with Fragrancenet, but after some research I've also stumbled across Fragrancex which seems to have some really cheap prices.

    Still finding it hard to find Chanel fragrances online, and some Guerlain (l'instant)
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    Just got a bottle of GIT today, after being sold a counterfeit on ebay i did my research and had my eyes open on whats authentic and whats not.. Fragrancenet came through,, bottle came with box, cards, the batch number was engraved on the rear bottom rim of the bottle, the inner spray cap had the creed logo engraved and the inner sprayer is white plastic.. and above all once you shoot the first spray you know you have the real deal, quaility juice at its finest, im going into 5 hours and its still potent,, dont hesitate to purchase from fragrancenet, you get the real deal without having to dish out 315.00 for a bottle at the creed boutique,, the batch was a 2011 batch and it smells great

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    FragranceNet isn't too bad, their customer service is a bit slow if that is a important factor for you. They're pretty good for designer fragrances and I've a number of Serge Lutens from them and was happy, I must though with my most recent order (December) their packing has improved compared to six months ago. Shipping always takes 3-4 weeks for me. Overall, I would recommend them if you're happy up to a month for a order.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dalbir.Singh View Post
    FragranceNet isn't too bad, their customer service is a bit slow if that is a important factor for you. They're pretty good for designer fragrances and I've a number of Serge Lutens from them and was happy, I must though with my most recent order (December) their packing has improved compared to six months ago. Shipping always takes 3-4 weeks for me. Overall, I would recommend them if you're happy up to a month for a order.
    Have you encountered any fake perfumes or old stock?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lasya View Post
    Have you encountered any fake perfumes or old stock?
    I haven't encountered any fakes or old stock as of yet. I have heard of people getting some bad juice here and there but in most instances they have been good in giving them a refund or replacement bottle.

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    So far, I've had mixed experience with fragrancenet.


    For Australian customers, shipping can be slow, and sometimes very slow...
    For a couple of my orders, it took tham more than a week (from ordering and payment) to actually ship the items.


    My items were usually packed ok - not the best packaging, but not bad either.


    Most bottles I received were fine - sealed, looked fine, juice was good. No problems.


    A couple of perfumes did not smell right - I used the same perfume before, so I was familiar with the smell. Not sure if they were fakes or just old.

    A couple of bottles (2 different orders) were in boxes but not sealed (ie. the box did not have the cover, so it may have been opened and returned... who knows...). The bottles were fool and looked all right, but I did not pay for a tester so expected sealed bottles.

    One of the bottles was of an old stock. I know that as the bottle design changed a year or two ago, and I received the old bottle.

    *FYI I have not informed them of the above as shipping the items back will be too expensive so just not worth it.

    Customer Service

    Not the best. Emails are often answered with automated messages/replies.

    Overall, had good and bad experiences. In any case, since the shipping rates to Aus are not cheap, it is better to order a few items at once.

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    Default Re: Fragrancenet

    Agree that packing is not the best, but never had any issues ever with the quality of their products.

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    I've found them to be excellent, I've placed over 10 orders with them and had the following experience

    - Delivery has taken from 10-15 working days (I'm in Sydney Australia)
    - Quality has been fine, as in no fakes
    - Packaging has never been an issue, no damage to anything
    - Free sample vial with every order (would be nice if they would mix it up, but better than nothing!)

    I had one issue one time and it was a bottle of Prada Amber, it arrived and it just didn't feel full, it was a limited edition metallic bottle so I couldn't see inside.

    I emailed them and they re-funded me for the bottle and let me keep it, I was pleasantly surprised!
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    Default Re: Fragrancenet

    Ive ordered twice from them and both times it took around 3 weeks for delivery. Both legit products.

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    If you were interested I can recommend looking at The London Perfume Company for perfume (obviously), the only place outside of the UK they ship to is Australia! They have a lot more than just perfumes on the site as well, but still an extensive collection of brands to browse through!They also estimate the delivery time between 15-20 days, everything is also legit!

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    I ordered recently. No probs and got my order in about 2 1/2 weeks. Tracking number is useless as the first week it said number is inactive and thereafter for a week it said receivednin sydney. Packaging was australia postnwhich is interesting as its supposed to be from us. Perhaps they ship batches in bulk and then isolate orders in sydney no wonder it takes so long. Checknoutbthe perfume shoppe in arizona I got my packsge in one week but they stock niche only.

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    Default Re: Fragrancenet

    I don't like the pricing games Fragrancenet plays. They seem to be monitoring BN forums and if something has an uptick in popularity, shows up on the "today I bought" forum, they bump up the prices - by a large factor. Perfect example just yesterday... Amouage Fate Man was listed a few times on BN in the past 3-5 days and suddenly their tester price went up from $130 to $203, and regular box from $170 to $208.

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    Default Re: Fragrancenet

    Oh how funny!

    The tester for Fate Man is $208 while the one with box is $203. lol. Either their pricing system is messed up or the pricing personnel gets lazy.... just terribly bad.

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    Default Re: Fragrancenet

    Be careful because might ship you a factice instead of the actual fragrance. They also might ship you a fragrance manufactured in Mexico which is going to smell very different than the original.

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