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    Default L'instant de Guerlain ?

    Hey guys, a few weeks ago I got a chance to test out L'instant de Guerlain, and to be honest I absolutely adored it. From the first spray until it died down on my skin.

    A few days before I was going to purchase it, I stumbled across a review of the "Extreme" version, unfortunately it's very hard to find in my area. So I can't test it.

    My questions are:

    - What are the differences between L'instant de Guerlain and L'instant de Guerlain extreme in terms of longevity, sillage, projection and compliments ?

    - Should I blind buy the extreme if I loved the original ?
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    Default Re: L'instant de Guerlain ?

    They are pretty similar, extreme is a more full bodied version. I personally like the original better, I find the anise and cocoa mixture works better when not amped up as much as it is in the extreme. Longevity and silage is not too noticeable for me personally. All that being said, if you can find a legit extreme bottle, you might want to go for it, they are becoming more and more hard to find in some areas.

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    Default Re: L'instant de Guerlain ?

    almost the same. while the extreme has more cocoa. extreme does have more silage an last alot longer at least on me
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    Default Re: L'instant de Guerlain ?

    Quote Originally Posted by inc0gnito View Post
    Should I blind buy the extreme if I loved the original ?

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    Default Re: L'instant de Guerlain ?

    Very similar fragrances. The Extreme is just a bit heavier.

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    Default Re: L'instant de Guerlain ?

    If you love the standard Pour Homme you will go nuts for the extreme. It's dominated by the cocoa and the citrus at the start is dialled back a lot campared to the standard. It has really great projection and lasts 10 to 12 hrs.

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    Default Re: L'instant de Guerlain ?

    If you can find it for a decent price definitely. It's super hard to come by these days so even if you don't like it you'll have no trouble selling it.

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    Default Re: L'instant de Guerlain ?

    Love both of them myself and yes the EXTREME has a lot more longevity on my skin as well.

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    Default Re: L'instant de Guerlain ?

    I find the Extreme to be a lot smoother; more cocoa and less citrus. MY GF likes the EDT, but LOVES the Extreme! It's definitely worth buying...

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