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    Hi everyone....I'm trying to help a friend identify a perfume. Someone gave it to her but it was given to that person without knowing what exactly it is.

    Here's a picture:


    Clear spherical bottle, blue almond-shaped cap. On the bottom of the bottle is a little cartoony face with nose and lips. It's a small bottle but I don't think it's a mini (maybe wrong about that).

    My friend loves it and says it smells like a liqueur to her. It's running low and I told her I might be able to help ID but I don't have a clue. I've looked around a little on the net but it seems like finding a needle in a haystack!

    Any ideas? Thanks so much in advance..... : )

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    Just bumping this so more people see it......anybody have any guesses? : )


    I was hoping it wasn't too obscure to recognize.
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    Sorry, I have no information that helps you. But, I can bump!

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    Thank you for bumping, and for putting it in the right place!

    Maybe this was a custom perfume or something. *shrugs*

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    I have the same empty bottle that came in an ebay lot. I haven't been able to find anything about it either.

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    OOOh I love a good perfume hunt. Can we see this smiley face thing on the bottom? Any more description of the frag than boozy. Any letters on the base? Is the top plastic or glass? Any seams on the bottle indicating cheaper glass manufacture. Does it feel a quality item or not?

    Clues for the trufflehounds please....

    How big.. is it a mini?
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    I will get more info, better pics, and maybe smell it myself this weekend. Will report back. I'm excited to see more responses!

    If I remember correctly there wasn't any writing or text on the bottle, just the drawing of the face. This makes me think it was either part of a set, or something from an independent company or or something. But seeing that one other person has seen the bottle gives me a little more hope for identifying it!

    The images in the first post are just thumbnails, you should be able to click on them and see bigger pics. You can almost make out the face on the bottle in the bigger pics but I'll try to get better ones and post them. I've never figured out how to post full-sized pics on this forum! : / Only thumbnails.

    Thanks everyone!

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    Try tinypic.

    Is the lid plastic?

    I'm usually good at finding things but so far not a dickie bird on this.... herrrumph

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    The bottle is heavy glass and has no seams. The stopper is cobalt blue and has a seam on the side. The stopper is cold, so it seems to be glass, but it looks like plastic. If someone can identify the bottle, they are welcome to mine. I hope the picture upload works. Lisa

    Tinypic worked! Thanks, Mumsy!

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    That is a quarter for size comparison.

    There's only a smidge of stuff in the bottom of mine, so scent-wise probably not reliable. But, it does smell like boozy flower or plant sap. Sorry my nose is not sophisticated. Lisa
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    This is a fine puzzle indeed....

    This is better than a crossword.... thanks for the pics....

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    My friend and I didn't have time to have a meet 'n sniff so I didn't get to smell the perfume. As soon as I get to try it, I'll report back!

    She says it came from New Jersey but I don't know if that helps at all.

    I'm glad someone else has seen it, that gives me hope that we'll find out what it is!

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    No rush. It's always fun solving a mystery and as you say, brilliant to have found another so soon. It means there is more chance it was in production and not a small gallery offering.

    New Jersey... any clue may be the key.

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    From the design of the nose and lips it could very well be a Salvadore Dali parfum of some sort.
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