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    Default Magnetic Scent - Tindrer beamed up

    Last Friday, I was invited to a very special event: The Official Launch of a New Dutch Niche Brand Magnetic Scent in Amsterdam.
    It is always, such a privilege to be able to meet the Artist behind the fragrance.
    Spyros Drosopoulos is the Maestro conducting Magnetic Scent Creative / Artistic process, a very generous, passionate, human being.
    I ended up bringing home with me, one of his four creations: Tindrer, became my choice:

    Galbanum, Violet, Heliotropin and the Accord of “Wet Soil”

    I was beamed up to a place where heavy rain just have falling upon the earth, the plants are fresh and green, some of it were tore by the storm, “greenness” populates the air, The soil is wet, Suddenly, the sun starts to shine through the clouds, at first, timid, gently touching the Wetlands...

    To my nose Tindrer is much more than a perfume, its is a full experience.

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    Default Re: Magnetic Scent - Tindrer beamed up

    I'm looking forward to test the creations from this special niche brand.

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    Default Re: Magnetic Scent - Tindrer beamed up

    Sounds fantastic.

    Is it anything like the soil accord that Christopher Brosius' uses in many of his Demeter and CB I Hate Perfume scents?
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