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    Default Questions about Chantilly.

    After reading so many loving references to the vintage Houbigant Chantilly (Lillybelle ) I would like to find a bottle for myself. As a child I would race to the cosmetics counter whenever I went to the local drug store with my Mom, just so I could sniff the Maja soaps & spritz the Chantilly!

    There are SO many different bottle styles & concentrations available on ebay. What's the best to be on the lookout for?
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    Default Re: Questions about Chantilly.

    Avoid current Dana. I saw one in Walmart yesterday and couldn't resist sniffing the bottle (didn't spray it), and it seemed worse than ever. I noticed the box is now marked "bottled in China" with oils from USA. I am still discovering, but I would say try to buy vintage Houbigant (usually marked N.Y.) or any version made in France. You might have to buy partial spray bottles of those, but you can still find, now and then, cello sealed gift sets of edt and dusting powder by Houbigant, N.Y. I bought one of those, and it's lovely. Good luck and happy hunting! Chantilly is a gentle, powdery old lady (said with the utmost respect), very cozy, old fashioned, and comforting.

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    Default Re: Questions about Chantilly.

    I recently sold a half bottle on Ebay, just a small bottle, the juice was dark brown, but smelled delicious, and much nicer than any incarnation of it currently available. The colour of it, led me to believe it was EDP, though it was not labelled. It was creamy, warm, powdery, rich, and surprisingly good. The buyer was happy, as they shold be, they got a good deal, and it was good stuff.

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    Default Re: Questions about Chantilly.

    Don't forget to ask the seller for more info, Genie Jeanie, e.g., is there a label on the bottom of the bottle and if so what does it indicate - msde in France, or N.Y. If there is no label, is there an impress on the glass. What manufacturing info is given on the box if there is one. Chantilly by Parfums Parquet is nice. Dana's, if it isn't today's drugstore version is not bad. You just need to do some investigating . It's fun, like a treasure hunt. It was Frou Frou who turned me on to Chantilly. She gave me a decant of vintage pdt at the Basenotes meetup in NOLA last year, and I fell head over heels for it when I got home.

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    Default Re: Questions about Chantilly.

    Does the bottle shape help to indicate the year of production & is there one that's better than the others? In searching Houbigant Chantilly I'm seeing faceted bottles, teardrop shapes, round, hobnail & even a pink. So many choices

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    Default Re: Questions about Chantilly.

    There are so many different bottles, and Chantilly has been bought and sold a number of times over the years, and I am no expert, and there seems to be little info out there (I've looked), so I concentrate on the company and place of manufacture as my best guide. I wish there were some definitive guide but I haven't found one.
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    Default Re: Questions about Chantilly.

    Thanks Lilybelle! I'll just focus on your suggestions & look for something in good condition - hopefully still boxed. There certainly is a lot of it out there.

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    Default Re: Questions about Chantilly.

    There is a lot, and it is not expensive so you can discover your favorite version without blowing the pocketbook.

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