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    Default Is this Oudh bad?

    Just wondering if someone can HELP! In Dubai souq recently, I purchased a cheapish Oudh product, not too cheap, but not too expensive either. Now, I purchased it so I can blend my own perfume oils, such as musks and rose etc into the Oud. This Oud smells pretty bad. Of course I smelled it before I purchased it and I wear Arabian perfumes anyway and although I do not know much about Oud itself, I love to wear Oudh based perfumes. Oudh always smells quite 'strong' in the pure form anyway... until you get used to it and changes around your nose. Now I am back in London and smelling it, its just darn bad! The stuff is very thick and smelly (normal for oudh) but the smell is constant. It doesn't change. This is meant to be Oudh-Cambodi. I had a tiny bit of oudh that I purchased from Abdul Samad al Qureshi (From their store in Egypt) and this stuff, again smelled quite strong as Oud does, but the nose gets around it and smells quite fragrant and sweet eventually. When I mixed it with a rose oil and musk, it is heavenly. When I do this same mix with the Dubai-brought oud cambodi, it smells close to very very very rotten wood, that has the plague and it ruins the rose and musk elements. Its disgusting - sorry! Its only way to describe it!

    What kind of Oudh is best recommended for oil mixing? And, most importantly, how do we tell a 'good quality' Oudh product from a bad quality product?

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    Default Re: Is this Oudh bad?

    How much did you pay?

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    Mostly only an experienced nose could tell good Oud.

    for swap/sale:

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    Default Re: Is this Oudh bad?

    Thanks for the reply I don't remember to be honest, I think it was about 50-75 Pounds for 2 tola bottle. ASAQ was a bit more then this for a quarter tola bottle

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    Default Re: Is this Oudh bad?

    The only oudh attar I've tried was strong and pretty linear, but I was able to try it on my skin so I knew what the dry down was like. Maybe it's the cambodian variety you purchased or the way that it was distilled that makes for a particularly strong smell. You could try mellowing it out with vanilla or amber or mixing it in jojoba oil to dilute the concentration.

    Here's an interesting article:

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    Default Re: Is this Oudh bad?

    Thanks so much for the interesting link! I have tried to mix it with other oils and its so dominent and fierce, that its almost like its ruining the oils i mix it with. Though it could be that I am mixing too much oudh, and maybe I should try mixing tiny amounts and see how that goes. I'd hate to see this go to waste!

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    Default Re: Is this Oudh bad?

    I'd say you really need to try quality oud from various origins to get a feel for the different profiles and therefor decide which you want to use. You'll get a feel for quality pretty quickly. Agar Aura and Ensar Oud both have top quality oud - check them out.
    Taha (Agar Aura) also blends ouds (which he sells to) so may be able to offer some advice.

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    Default Re: Is this Oudh bad?

    You could also try sunning it. This can help some oudhs quite a lot.

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    Default Re: Is this Oudh bad?

    Sparky and laph.... thanks so much for the advice! Sunning it in London (bad, raining and cold weather!) might not work, though I think I may have found the answer to my problem. I think I was using TOO much Oudh when I was mixing it.... I had been using equal amounts of fragrance oils and oudh, when mixing... Ive learnt that this is a is no, no.... and I have also found that 'Hindi' oudh - well the ones that I have seen/smelt anyway seem to be a lot softer and sweeter, like the one I have from ASAQ... Very good quality stuff. The Camodi oudh that I have, with me unfortunately doesnt hit the mark... its just too murky. Id wear hindi oudh straight off, but never the Cambodi one! Thanks!!

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