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    Default What scent is right for me.

    I'm trying to find something to wear regularly, and am having trouble finding something that really jumps out at me. I've gone shopping for one a few times, but after smelling a handful on the test strips in stores it becomes difficult for me to really compare them as much as I'd like. Maybe having somewhere to start, or some suggestions so that I'm not tainting my palette with scents that I'd have no interest in would help.

    To give you an idea of what I like now, the three bottles I do own and am relatively happy with are:

    Varvatos Artisan: I enjoy this one a lot. A female friend helped me pick it out as something that would be both appealing to me and the ladies (I'm mid 20's, so most girls I'd go for wouldn't be into the super masculine scents as much). The problem is that it lasts 2 hours tops on my skin. And I mean that objectively, I thought maybe I was just used to the smell after a couple of days, but then asked the same girl who loved it what she thought of how I smelled, and she couldn't pick up any hint of it at all. It's also a bit summery, and coming up on the fall and winter I could use something a bit heavier.

    Acqua di Gio: I like this for more professional/refined scent, but not for everyday, I don't feel that it matches up to me incredibly well. This might be the scent you'd catch me wearing at a wedding or possibly to a white collar job for instance.

    Dirty English: I have mixed feelings about this one. At first I loved it, then it began to smell a bit too young and, maybe douchey is the right word for it. In fact, having just picked up the bottle again I'd have to think that something similar to this is what I'd be going for, but not this. I like the woodsy, leathery, herbal notes a lot, and honestly can't think of any specific smell in it I dislike, but I don't think it works for me as an every day scent. Maybe good for a night out sort of thing, but not something I'd put on every morning when I'm getting dressed.

    I don't know a ton about scents, so instead of requesting specific smells, I feel like a string of words that would evoke an emotion of a scent would be the best way I could convey what I'm looking for, with a few things I've picked up from the site mixed in for good measure:

    Outdoors, woodsy, cedar, campfire, leather, herbal, smokey, tobacco, pine, rosemary, patchouli, marjoram, cardamom, black pepper, mature, clean/orderly, distinct/unique.

    Well, those are a start anyways, but re-reading them they all seem a bit heavy, where I'm looking for something more mid-weight of a fragrance, so maybe toss something in there appropriate to lighten it up.

    I work in kitchens, cook a lot at home a lot, especially grilling and especially meat I've killed/butchered myself, make my own bacon and jerky, and somehow still manage to eat healthy. I go backpacking for days on end with just my dog, go running and biking, and take good care of my body. I wear boots instead of shoes, and only sneakers when I'm working out. I'm very much an Aries, but a more confident regal than in your face type, even though I don't really buy into the whole zodiac thing much. I'm very detail and planning oriented and do my research before making a decision. I'm going back to school for Business Finance. I say yes sir and yes ma'am, and I cuss a lot.

    Sorry for the long read, didn't mean for it to come out at such length, but I feel this describes what I'm looking for pretty well. Thanks in advance for any input or suggestions you may have.
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    Default Re: What scent is right for me.

    polo blue
    1. Dior Homme Original
    2. Musc Ravaguer
    3. Portrait of a Lady
    4. Noir de Noir
    5. L Instant Guerlain pour Homme Extreme
    6. New Haarlem
    7. Pure Coffee
    8. Blu Mediterraneo Sicilian Almond
    9. Rose 31
    10. Spiritueuse Double Vanille

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    Default Re: What scent is right for me.

    okay for you i would rub in some unscented lotion to your skin....helps the frag last longer.
    try some issey miyake as its a strong scent and is appealing and fresh smelling.....i have two of the three you mentioned i do not care for ADG but Versace Man Au Fraiche is comparitive and smells more smooth to me
    best thing to do is check out the "other" website that has a new stat for how long scents last and the projection of them to the people around you. it is very helpful but it is based on opinions of people who may have different skin type than you so take it as a base and go and test on skin! paper does nothing for what it wold smell like on will take longer for you to find what works for you but you will have a better idea for what works better on YOU and not a piece of thin wood. dont rub the spray into your skin either cause you will not get all the notes as well...
    hope this helps a bit

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    Default Re: What scent is right for me.

    Only you can decide which scent is right for you. The only thing to do is sample, sample and sample. Then decide which ones you enjoy. Simple!

    Welcome. It looks like you are on your way to finding your personal gems.
    "No sweet perfume ever tortured me more than this." Desert Rose by Sting and Cheb Mami, Album 1999.

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    Default Re: What scent is right for me.


    It seems you are looking for traditional herbal-woodsy types of scents. Aramis Tuscany comes to mind; a little darker, also its brother Aramis 900. Another one is YSL Rive Gauche for men.

    If you are willing to go into expensive niche, there are of course many possibilities, from the very realistic campfire of Tauer Lonestar Memories, to the butch leather of Knize Ten or Bandit, to the green forests of Ormonde Man or Woman.


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    Default Re: What scent is right for me.

    I agree with the idea of sampling, what I'm looking for is a starting point or some suggestions to sample. I wouldn't buy something like that just off of a suggestion. If I go shopping for a fragrance there might be hundreds to choose from, and I only have so many spots to spray to see how they smell on me, not to mention tainting my palette.

    THEREALJWIL: is this the Issey Miyake you're referring to? The descriptions seem like it'd be something I'd like, I'll definitely give this one a try.

    calilove: By the description the Polo Blue doesn't seem much at all like what I'm describing, most people saying aquatic cucumber and melon. I may give it a smell next time I'm out shopping, but am curious why you would suggest this.

    cacio: Thanks for all the suggestions. The Aramis Tuscany sounds good. Looking at the prices and descriptions of the more expensive ones you've listed I'm a little weary to sample them, fearing I'd fall in love with something I couldn't afford to wear regularly. I may have to check them out for something for a special occasion or date night though, maybe put it on my Christmas list.
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    Default Re: What scent is right for me.

    Don't base your purchase off of the scent you get from test strips, believe me...they smell different.
    You may like the DSquared2 line, although I have never tried any.

    P.s. I believe the L'Eau D'Issey he is talking about is the original

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    Default Re: What scent is right for me.

    Try Esencia Loewe. Seriously. It's a winner with pretty much most of the key elements you listed + class in spades.

    Welcome to Basenotes!

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    Default Re: What scent is right for me.

    If you're happy to go niche - Lonestar Memories fits what you want entirely

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    Default Re: What scent is right for me.

    Michael for Men by Michael Kors is very nice. Terre D'Hermes, Zino Davidoff, Gucci Pour Homme 2, Bulgari Black, Bleu De Cahnel, Ferrari Uomo.

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    Default Re: What scent is right for me.

    Hey there the Intense that you linked to is awesome....i have the original ,the bleue ,the intense, and the gold absolute.
    they all have the same base note smell pretty much but all have their own character. you wil find people either liking Issey or just not liking the smell at all. Its a clean scent that is underrated in the community.
    have fun finding scents you may also go back to something and try a scent you originally didnt care has happened to me when i have "accidentally" smelled one i didnt care for in the first place to find out NOW i like it....funny that way sometimes.

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    Default Re: What scent is right for me.

    Esencia de Loewe and Tuscan Leather.

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    Default Re: What scent is right for me.

    Burberry London perhaps.

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    Default Re: What scent is right for me.

    Lancome Miracle would be great for you.

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    Default Re: What scent is right for me.

    My first thought was Serge Lutens Fumerie Turque, but I don't see it for sale in the US right now. As a broader suggestion, I'd suggest sampling all the non-floral non-citrus fragrances from Serge Lutens and Parfumerie Generale.

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    Default Re: What scent is right for me.


    Visit for Men by Azzaro
    - One is initially treated to a wave of spice. An abundant nutmeg, with its soft and sweet, cinnamon-like character, couples with cardamon, with its slightly woody and anise-like facets, pink pepper, with its fruity and tart highlights, as well as ginger, with its peppery, lightly sweet, and faint lemony aspects. A menthol-like undercurrent from cedar leaves carries the stirring brew to the heart. Here, the Atlas cedar comes into its own, imparting its richly balsamic and camphoraceous accord, and vies with a lively incense, with its resinous, myrrh-like smokiness, for dominance. Guiacwood infuses its tea-rose woodiness, while a muted nutmeg is relegated to the background. Transitioning to the base, a skin-like musk intermingles with a ambergris, with its fleshy, slightly leathery and sweet woodiness. The bustling incense flitters about in the background. A pleasant drydown ensues. This masculine and well-done composition has very good projection, a 2-foot scent cloud, and very good longevity, about 10 hours; resultantly, spray sparingly. This appealing fragrance can be had rather inexpensively.


    L'Essence de Cerruti by Cerruti - One is initially treated to an invigorating bergamot, with its orangey bittersweetness and peppery facets. The freshness of the bergamot commingles with the compost-like and ever-so-slight barnyard aspects of white pepper. Segueing to the middle, the mintiness of birch encases the fresh opening, and infuses its wintergreen sweetness. A raw and somewhat phenolic leather wafts in the background along with the hay-like character of saffron. Transitioning to the comforting base, a creamy cedar infuses its resinous and camphoraceous woodiness, along with the sweetly vanillic and faintly earthy quality of amber. A sensual, fur/skin-like and warm musk also presents. An alluring drydown ensues. This masculine composition is well blended, and has good longevity, 8+ hours, and average projection, being light enough for an office scent. Given its very reasonable, price point, this versatile and somewhat elegant composition is worthy of purchase.


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