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    Ok, so I have a bunch of essential oils, absolutes and extractions all with a different viscosity. I have a fragrance in mind that combines an already specified list of ingredients Which include Oakmoss, Benzoin, Tonka bean, Vanilla, Vetiver, Neroli, Fossilized Amber, nutmeg, bitter orange, and coriander. I plan on blending these together and diluting them to a concentration of 40% in an oil carrier base and putting them into 15ml bottles to sell online. Problem is that I need a reproducible recipe that can be scaled up or down and I have no Idea how to determine an accurate standard for one "part" when figuring out the ratios because, I'm assuming, that each of the different ingredients will have different volumes per drop even when warmed up in a hot water bath. I am assuming that some of you that use this forum Do in fact already sell oil base perfumes and would know an exact solution to my problem. I could really use some help from an expert here, Thank you in advance

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    I think the standard way is to do it by mass not volume. So you will need some excellent scales....

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    You cannot accurately repeat your formulation using volumes, different viscosity depending on the ambient temperature will ensure you never get the same thing twice. You have to use weight if you want reproducibility. As Mr. D recommends; get some scales.

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    A simple solution to your problem when you're just starting out and don't want to go to the trouble and expense of getting scales is to pre-dilute the more viscous substances in ethanol (or carrier oil in your case). Then you will get consistent drops, just adjust the quantities accordingly. This works fine, although as others have suggested, if you're serious, you'll eventually want to get some scales. You'll want to reconsider that oak moss if you're planning on selling them, however!

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    I figured I would have to get some scales, does anyone have any recommendations for a good model that will be sensitive enough to register the weight of each drop yet have a range large enough to measure amounts needed for large bottles? Oh and also It is my understanding that the IFRA restrictions on oakmoss are voluntary, is this true? I would like to suffice with a disclaimer about oakmoss and give a little of it's history to my customers. My business model is all about respecting the customers right to choose for themselves what sort of subtances they want to put in and on their bodies and I don't mind a bit of controversy. I consider it a moral duty. All of my fragrances are 100% natural, which is of much more significance to me then whether or not the big wigs approve of what I'm doing.

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