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    Default How do you ship cologne?

    I have a flacon of Vintage Tab.

    I just discovered that it's pretty valuable. I'm probably going to keep a little and sell the bottle.

    I have no idea how I could ship it, however. The bottle doesn't even have a screw-on top. (It's got one of those ground glass stopper.) If it leaked during shipping, that would be kind of a tragedy.

    What's the best solution? Pour it into a leak proof container like a Nalgene bottle and ship the Nalgene along with the empty flacon?

    Does cologne need to be kept in a glass container? Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: How do you ship cologne?

    Stone-ground stopper are custom made to fit securely into their own bottle (and only their bottle). Set the stopper snug into the bottle, than with firm but cautious pressure twist the stopper a quarter down into its seat. This will usually seal the bottle from all leaking.

    You can buy a roll of shrink wrap from Home Depot or Lowes or any hardware stores (or shipping stores) for $7-8 -- it's 5 inches wide 1000-1500' long. Just wrap the bottle all around paying extra attention to the area over top of the stopper to maintain a constant pressure preventing it from working loose or falling out.

    Good Luck!

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    Default Re: How do you ship cologne?

    Some good info below. However, I would see nothing wrong with putting the remaining cologne into a leak-proof container and shipping it along with the empty flacon.
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    Default Re: How do you ship cologne?

    When I received my flacon from Creed, it was in a box with bright red "This End Up" stickers on 4 sides.

    It wouldn't hurt to write This End Up with red marker so that the flacon travels upright.

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    Default Re: How do you ship cologne?

    Wrap the plug of the stopper with teflon/pipe tape about 5-8 times(99 cents at home depot). Then twist it down until it is very snug. Wrap the bottle in plastic wrap or clean "newsprint" type wrapping paper. Then get a strip of box sealing tape and and lay it across the top of the plug and pull it down hard and stick it to the sides of the bottle, effectively pushing the plug into the bottle by the tape, repeat this several times, then wrap the tape around and around the bottle several times. No tape should touch the glass. hen wrap it in a ton of bubble wrap so there are about 6 inches thick of bubble wrap on all sides of the bottle, a huge ball of bubble wrap. Or get 2 pieces of foam rubber and lay it in between and tape that closed also. Then cram it into a sturdy box that is just small enough that you have to slightly force the padded bottle in and force the top flaps closed. Seal it with a ton of medium to heavy duty clear tape or reinforced paper tape that you have to wet and glue on. tape down all open edges. Priority mail with tracking/delivery confo.

    Sorry, Redneck said it here in a much easier to read format. Its late...whatever...

    "I do not trust the leather thingamajig to do more than look nice. Nor do I trust the Creed boxes to do more than look nice.

    I have shipped them with the fragrance inside as follows:

    (1) wrap entire glass flacon and stopper with protective soft paper such as store gift paper
    (2) wrap endwise with 1 or 2 complete circlings of book tape to pin the stopper in
    (3) wrap tape once, near neck, cross-ways to tension lengthwise tape if needed
    (4) wrap the entirety with large bubble-wrap, including ends, until it is basically a sports ball
    (5) flatten fragrance box and pack against inside of cardboard box
    (6) pack wrapped flacon into cardboard box with crumpled newspaper, bubble wrap, etc.
    (7) flacon should not move at all, and packing material should push back against flaps when closing
    (8) tape box shut and throw across the room or play ball with it.
    (9) no movement or glass close to cardboard - repack if needed.
    (10) use delivery confirmation, etc.

    Never spilled a drop. "
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    Default Re: How do you ship cologne?

    I just got a shipment from Israel to my home in the USA. It was entirely wrapped in bubble wrap and then wrapped with thin plastic wrap. then wrapped in packaging tape. You could have dropped it off a moving train and it would have been fine.
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